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  1. A post I wrote about p-shifting

    i just liked how i wrote this on one of the forum posts ^-^ im usually not this inspired lately xD


    I don't think anything should be deemed impossible. i feel there is no be all end all statement to anything. there are always possibilities that are not fathomable by scientists.

    quantum physics are a plausible way where this reality can be explored. perhaps not by the means of which people believe it can happen, sometimes we can only discover things is someone ...
  2. Introduction

    Hello I am new here! You can call me StargazerStella as that is my username. I am a wolf therian recently discovered my true identity which is extremely exciting. I guess you should know a little about me. I love art, horse back riding, reading, and listening to music (grunge rock). I came across the fact that I was a wolf therian through research about wolf therians and meditation. When I meditated I made sure it was in a quiet place free from any distractions and I saw my spirit animal a beautiful ...
  3. I guess I'm new here

    The site has been a bit confusing for me for some reason, and the forum titles are hard for me to understand, so im not sure where to post sometimes. I would probably be more comfy without my jitteryness, but yeah I get so concerned to post in the wrong place >.<

    not sure if i'll be able to keep my writing neat either, been especially jittery in my ptsd... perhaps it doesnt matter much in the blogs?
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  4. My Introductorial

    by , December 4th, 2016 at 11:06 PM (Diablur's Discord)
    What name[s] do you go by:
    - This includes a "werename" or real first name only if you so desire, or any nicknames you\'d like us to use in reference to you.
    > I go by Adahar here on Werelist. (a rewording of Adhara, a blue star.) I also go by Underhag and Arrowhead.

    How old are you:

    - We aren\'t asking for your birth date, but a general age is good to have information.

    > 16.

    Your General Location:
    - You can choose ...

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  5. The lowhanging fruit is gone

    Last week I shifted in an office where I could have been seen. I wasn't, but I could have been. I'm not happy about that.

    I knew I was going to need to shift at some point, but I fully expected to be able to stay human until I found a good time and place to do it. I was thinking about my plans for the week and when I'd be home and figuring out all the times I could shift if I had to. But then I was in an empty office with a very tempting metal truss in the ceiling. Not a tree branch ...
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