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  1. Going Backwards

    by , February 24th, 2021 at 04:20 PM (Following Strange Trails)
    I wrote some stuff out. I've been labelling myself as "canine" because I'm very unsure and canine provides a vague explanation. I kinda feel like I'm at square one with it again. But yeah, I wrote some stuff. I previously wrote on here about possibly being a dog but I'm thinking dog is a misinterpretation of human and non-human stuff meshing. I was brutally honest with myself and this is what I have so far:

    How I see myself is wolfish, more generic European wolfish than ...

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  2. Not A Therian After All?

    I am almost sure I am ‘hearted and not a therian after all. I’m not unhappy about this theory itself, but I do feel silly and regretful because of the way I was so sure about being a therian. I wonder if I've been lying to myself and others without realizing it.

    Until about 3-4 months ago, when I began digging deeper into the history of modern therianthropy, I thought being ‘hearted meant that the experience was “not as meaningful” as being therian. I see a sort of hierarchy ...

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  3. I Keep Disappearing

    by , February 4th, 2021 at 10:48 AM (Following Strange Trails)
    Maybe due to reintroduce myself a bit. I'm Berlin, though at this point...I have so many names (which I won't disclose so you'll have to guess if someone is Berlin or not). I'm not entirely sure what I am anymore. I've been describing myself as "canine". More thought suggests I may be a dog and a bit more domestic than I previously thought (though I straddle the feral-domestic line that I have read about in comparisons of domestic & feral dogs). Perhaps trauma plays a role in how feral ...

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  4. Introduction (Again)

    What name[s] do you go by:

    - Ada/Blu

    How old are you:

    - 20

    Your General Location:

    - California

    Do you have any Hobbies or Interests:

    - I draw, write, play guitar, sing (albiet horribly) and bike. I'm also pretty active in the furry community and have been meaning to get into fursuit/costume making as well!

    Are you a Therian:

    - No. Just a curious observer. Though ...
  5. Therian and Non-Therian Relationship: Learning, Understanding, and Steps Taken


    Hi there!

    I saw there was a blog area so I figured I would sort of log my general thoughts, learning process, and steps taken to understand and create a more comfortable space for my s/o who defines as a Therian.

    When he came out to me initially a bit ago I admittedly did not know basically anything about Therians as a whole but had heard about similar things such as Otherkin. I was taken aback for a second as I totally did not expect this ...
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