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  1. Introduction

    Hello I am new here! You can call me StargazerStella as that is my username. I am a wolf therian recently discovered my true identity which is extremely exciting. I guess you should know a little about me. I love art, horse back riding, reading, and listening to music (grunge rock). I came across the fact that I was a wolf therian through research about wolf therians and meditation. When I meditated I made sure it was in a quiet place free from any distractions and I saw my spirit animal a beautiful ...
  2. I guess I'm new here

    The site has been a bit confusing for me for some reason, and the forum titles are hard for me to understand, so im not sure where to post sometimes. I would probably be more comfy without my jitteryness, but yeah I get so concerned to post in the wrong place >.<

    not sure if i'll be able to keep my writing neat either, been especially jittery in my ptsd... perhaps it doesnt matter much in the blogs?
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  3. My Introductorial

    by , December 4th, 2016 at 11:06 PM (Diablur's Discord)
    What name[s] do you go by:
    - This includes a "werename" or real first name only if you so desire, or any nicknames you\'d like us to use in reference to you.
    > I go by Adahar here on Werelist. (a rewording of Adhara, a blue star.) I also go by Underhag and Arrowhead.

    How old are you:

    - We aren\'t asking for your birth date, but a general age is good to have information.

    > 16.

    Your General Location:
    - You can choose ...

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  4. The lowhanging fruit is gone

    Last week I shifted in an office where I could have been seen. I wasn't, but I could have been. I'm not happy about that.

    I knew I was going to need to shift at some point, but I fully expected to be able to stay human until I found a good time and place to do it. I was thinking about my plans for the week and when I'd be home and figuring out all the times I could shift if I had to. But then I was in an empty office with a very tempting metal truss in the ceiling. Not a tree branch ...
  5. Dealing with depression and coming out of twitter exile.

    by , November 28th, 2016 at 05:57 PM (Dead Dino Disco)
    So let me just say right off the bat that this is going to be a personal vent post. I'm doing this in order to get these thoughts out of my head and because Twitter (my usual medium for spouting random shit I feel like saying) is a bitch and a half with its character limits. "So why not just write a document on your computer instead of bothering us with your shit?". That's an excellent question, voice in my head. I've tried this and it felt really dumb and stupid and I couldn't get myself ...
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