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  1. New here!

    Hi! I'm Owen M, I just discovered myself last night. Started shifting a lot more often. Haven't shifted before this majorly since 2011-2016. Broad I know, I was 7 in 2011. Thought I would start this entry by introducing myself. I have 2 theriotypes, a wolf and a dog. I am new to this, so if anyone has any tips for helping me, do let me know!
  2. New to this site

    Hi! This is my first post here. I really want to meet other therians as I felt alone in my experiences without a community of people who understand.

    I believe that I was a wolverine in a past life and that life left a mark on my soul, affecting my identity. I've been awakened for three and a half years. Due to bullying for my therianthropy, I unfortunately tried to repress my identity and feelings for a while. However, they never left. At multiple times since my awakening, I've thought ...