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  1. Hello?!

    Hi, i'm pretty awkward when it comes to introductions, but i'm trying!:confused::D But anyways, I'm Wendigokin and silver foxkin, I'm shy and anxious, I love being in the woods, hence the name Wendigo in the woods!

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  2. 1st kinda self blog

    Adulthood has been probably been the most stressful and sometimes depressing part of life. The expectations are draining, and I haven’t had much of a restful sleep when I wasn’t thinking of “Shit what am I going to do when that times comes.” I feel like the future is a constant enemy.

    Despite that, working with birds of prey for the last 2 years has given me confidence I never had before and working with them. They.. give me wings you could say?.. aside from borbs, I’ve ...
  3. Been haboring this thought

    I’ve always had an uneasy veiw about “therian” parents.. I either see them influencing kids to like specific animals and just the idea of someone who feels not human but, wants to bring another human into the world, seems conflicting to me.

    I also have a belief I hold deep down which is the typical “Save the planet don’t reproduce. If you love the planet why Are you continuing your ecological footprints.” Kind of view. Being a therian in a sense to me is thinking, and ...

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  4. Here is a list of interesting links for Google

    Innate and ingrained within is an essence that can not be denied. It can be hidden behind a human mask, but it can not be forced away or destroyed lest I destroy myself.

    Those outside looking in may hate and fear because of the unknown. Sometimes, I am frightened too. Yet, I am also empowered by the mystery that I carry. I exist. I am real.

    Therianthropy is looking outward at a wolf and seeing familiarity where other humans do not. Therianthropy ... ...

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  5. The Daily Groan (A thread to ease your pain) - The 3rd!

    Quote Originally Posted by Somnia View Post
    Okay folks, here is the new Daily Groan thread.

    Need a place to talk about your problems? Post what's bothering you in this thread!

    As a disclaimer, if you or someone you know needs professional help please contact the appropriate professionals or authority in your area. No one on Werelist is qualified to diagnose or treat any conditions you or someone else may have. We can offer general support, comfort, and advice, but please seek help from qualified professionals
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