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  1. Humanity, Misanthropy, and Me

    Over the past few years I've had a major shift in how I see and feel about humanity. When I was younger I loved humans, or thought I did, and would see the best in them and considered them, as well as other living beings, as having inherent worth just by existing. I opposed edgy hatred of humans strongly. No doubt that influenced the chain of events that led to me to my current position, which is a misanthropic one. It's like a childlike wish for the embrace and empowerment of being part of a proactive, ...

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  2. Ashoka's Meditation Experiences Journal - September 27, 2019

    I am getting back into the habit of meditation, which I tend to use as a way to relax myself and a tool to "get away" from human stuff when needed. Tonight it gave me an interesting experience. I normally have trouble getting to a point where my thoughts drift, but that eventually stops. I calmed down enough to get visualizations and sensations.

    What I saw was a sort of foresty area, and sometimes a grassy area. The more interesting part happened when I shifted. I often ...
  3. New to this site

    Hi! This is my first post here. I really want to meet other therians as I felt alone in my experiences without a community of people who understand.

    I believe that I was a wolverine in a past life and that life left a mark on my soul, affecting my identity. I've been awakened for three and a half years. Due to bullying for my therianthropy, I unfortunately tried to repress my identity and feelings for a while. However, they never left. At multiple times since my awakening, I've thought ...
  4. Rant time

    okay so this is probably gonna be really painful to read because i have so much to write about and i don't know how to word it properly. whoops. i just have so many thoughts trapped in my mind and i need to get them out.
    okay so first.... i haven't been active here in ages. 2 years ago i found out i was a therian and since then i've sort of been on and off with the therian community. i didn't tell anyone that i was a therian for a few months, until i decided to make a tumblr and also this ...
  5. My Mortal Enemy

    Saw my first Gila monster last week--hopefully, the first of many. Saw desert tortoises and a rattlesnake, too.

    I spent most of my week removing bufflegrass. It's an invasive species from Africa that grows very well in the Sonoran Desert--unfortunately, it chokes out native plants and catches fire easily. Fire isn't common in the desert, so the blazes that can sweep through an area infested with bufflegrass can turn it into a bufflegrass monoculture. It's everywhere. While they've ...
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