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  1. Red and blonde.

    And then there's the melanistic coyote who shows up disproportionately often in my journal. Maybe the colouring is my own. Maybe I'm extrapolating.


    (1) If your species has multiple subspecies, is there a specific one or various ones that feel more at home to you?

    (2) Are there certain phenotypic/physical traits that feel right to you?

    This is all assuming that at base, you're very possibly someone whose theriotype's ...

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  2. 50 kin questions-Incoming- edited for 2018

    50 kin questions 2018

    1. What was your first kintype? My first kintype was and still is the Timber wolf. I discovered it during grade school when I was too young to search the internet to figure out why I was so attached to the wolf. I relied on books at the time.

    2. What was it like discovering you were otherkin? It was a breath of fresh air finally knowing that I wasn’t as crazy as I thought. Though with it seemed to bring a lot of research and unanswered questions. ...

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