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  1. Ashoka's Meditation Experiences Journal - September 27, 2019

    I am getting back into the habit of meditation, which I tend to use as a way to relax myself and a tool to "get away" from human stuff when needed. Tonight it gave me an interesting experience. I normally have trouble getting to a point where my thoughts drift, but that eventually stops. I calmed down enough to get visualizations and sensations.

    What I saw was a sort of foresty area, and sometimes a grassy area. The more interesting part happened when I shifted. I often ...
  2. New to this site

    Hi! This is my first post here. I really want to meet other therians as I felt alone in my experiences without a community of people who understand.

    I believe that I was a wolverine in a past life and that life left a mark on my soul, affecting my identity. I've been awakened for three and a half years. Due to bullying for my therianthropy, I unfortunately tried to repress my identity and feelings for a while. However, they never left. At multiple times since my awakening, I've thought ...
  3. Rant time

    okay so this is probably gonna be really painful to read because i have so much to write about and i don't know how to word it properly. whoops. i just have so many thoughts trapped in my mind and i need to get them out.
    okay so first.... i haven't been active here in ages. 2 years ago i found out i was a therian and since then i've sort of been on and off with the therian community. i didn't tell anyone that i was a therian for a few months, until i decided to make a tumblr and also this ...
  4. My Mortal Enemy

    Saw my first Gila monster last week--hopefully, the first of many. Saw desert tortoises and a rattlesnake, too.

    I spent most of my week removing bufflegrass. It's an invasive species from Africa that grows very well in the Sonoran Desert--unfortunately, it chokes out native plants and catches fire easily. Fire isn't common in the desert, so the blazes that can sweep through an area infested with bufflegrass can turn it into a bufflegrass monoculture. It's everywhere. While they've ...
  5. Warm Green Fuzzies

    I've never actually seen ocotillo with their leaves before. It's an interesting sight--from a distance they remind me of green pipe cleaners. Whenever I've visited the Southwest, it's invariably been winter; it might still be warm in Tucson at that time of year but the effects of the monsoon are clearly long gone. Despite the fact that it happens during the summer months, I'm sad I won't be around to see it. It's been a long time since I heard the sound of thunder during a good strong lightning ...
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