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    This document was last edited on: December 1, 2021

    The links provided below are curated to avoid blatant misinformation and to try to direct people to websites with helpful advice, but nothing else. We don’t check them to make sure they agree with our personal theories on what therianthropy is because that’s not our role.

    You will find people whose thoughts on the same subject diverge wildly. Both may be wrong and both may be, at least partly, right. The websites linked below can provide you with some insight in your own journey, but no one has all the answers.

    If you’re interested in having your website listed, contact one of the mods. We’ll review it, and add it if it meets the following qualifications:

    1. All websites should be primarily or in large part oriented towards therianthropy.
    2. The content rating for websites cannot rise above PG-13. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis if the website has some way of preventing minors from accessing anything over PG-13 (forums that have an age-locked forum for talking frankly about adult topics would fall under this).
    3. Don’t submit anything illegal. Talking about drugs is okay, but personal experiences only--nothing on how to use them, how to obtain them, etc.
    4. Claims of real world fact must have real world evidence.
    5. You cannot gatekeep other people's identity and tell them how they have to interpret their experiences and how their therianthropy should be.
    6. Awareness that leadership is a service and not a power relationship. You may not claim that other people must obey you or that you are an "alpha."

    Personal Websites:
    • Absurdism -- Hosts Quil’s (leopard) and Katsune’s (snow leopard) writings. Most are on therianthropy. Some are about paganism and various other subjects.
    • Being Lion -- Being Lion is the website of Kusani, a lion therian. Her work on the site is oriented towards her therianthropy and her spirituality.
    • Between Forest and Sea -- The website of the Chimera System. Hosts their writings on multiplicity and therianthropy, as well as a timeline that, as of the last edit of this entry, goes from the origin of the community to 2014.
    • Feathers and Flame -- Meirya (hawk) archived essays on their therianthropy and spirituality here. The site is down, but was saved by the Wayback Machine.
    • Feline Revolution -- Feline Revolution hosted the writings of Kefira (lioness) and Keller (leopard). It is no longer up, but most of the work there was archived by the Wayback Machine.
    • Lupine Instincts -- Elinox’s (a wolf therian) website discusses her thoughts on the therian community, her personal therianthropy, and has some of her poetry.
    • Lynxspirit -- Lynxspirit's website hosted her memoirs, her writings, and her experiences as a lynx therian, as well as the writings of several others. It is no longer up, having gone down some time after 2016, but the Wayback Machine has preserved much of the site.
    • sol chimera's den -- Sol Chimera's site, hosting their writings on their experiences as a mountain lion therian and otherhearted bighorn sheep.
    • Swiftpaw’s Tree -- Swiftpaw’s Tree was the personal website of Swiftpaw, a jaguar therian, operating during the late 1990s and early 2000s. These days it is only accessible through the Wayback Machine. Their site had writings on the therian community of the time, their personal experiences, and some fiction they had written.
    • The Academic Dingo -- Bloodmuffin's personal website, holding essays written about the intersection of their experiences as a psychologist-in-training and a therian.
    • Thébaïde -- Thébaïde archives Akhila’s writings on their existence as a clouded leopard and raven person. It has a small section dedicated to guest writers, and some material that has been translated into French. It is currently only accessible through the Wayback Machine.
    • The Marsh -- The Marsh was owned by Liesk, a coyote/deer therian, and was operating during the late 2000s. It housed essays relating to their therianthropy, on therianthropy in general, and on their spirituality and gender.
    • The Jungle -- The Jungle belonged to Mokole, a Komodo dragon therian, who was known for viewing therianthropy from a strictly psychological viewpoint. It housed essays, both on their therianthropy and the therian community, and more general but tangentially related matters, such as ghosts and the aerodynamics of dragons.
    • The Sanctuary -- Sonne Spiritwind’s site. The Sanctuary contains her writings on therianthropy and spirituality, some poetry, and essays by guest writers.
    • The Savannah -- Citrakayah’s site, containing his writings on his experience as a cheetah therian, and some of his personal writing and art projects.
    • Three Dragons and a Dog -- The site of the Sol System. Contains their various writings, some of which are relevant to therianthropy and the therian community.
    • Wild Ideas -- Lynna Landstreet’s site is mostly devoted to her thoughts on politics, nature, queerness, and spirituality. However, she has written several essays originally posted on alt.horror.werewolves, and reposted on her site. They are focused more on terminology than personal experience, and readers may find them of historical interest.
    • Wolf in Human Clothing -- This is Susitar’s website. All content is in Swedish.

    Collaborative Projects (ones with content posted in the past year, or known to be active in that time, are listed in bold):
    • Animal Quills -- Animal Quills is a Dreamwidth community where multiple therians have published essays documenting the “here and now” experience of having an inner animal. While inactive, new members may join and contribute essays.
    • Beyond Awakening -- Beyond Awakening was a collaborative blog that aims to talk about otherkin (and therian) topics beyond the basics of what, why, and how we are animal; it is dedicated to the more experiential side of things.
    • Birds of a Feather -- Birds of a Feather is a collaborative project that aims to gather resources for avian therians and otherkin. In addition to cataloging links and references, they host essays and musings on avianity. While the site has not been updated in some time, submissions have not been closed.
    • Project Shift -- Project Shift, currently operated by Aethyriek, hosts selected essays from numerous therians, designed to help new therians and people interested in therianthropy understand what therianthropy is. The project is ongoing, and welcomes new submissions.
    • The Werelibrary -- The Werelibrary is an index of therian-related writing on the Internet. It links to a lot of older works--though many of the links are no longer extant.
    • Wildpath Library -- Started in early 2020, the Wildpath Library is an active community journal resource. While not specifically oriented towards therians, much of the focus of the site is on therianthropy.

    • Kinmunity -- Kinmunity is a website oriented towards the otherkin, therian, and associated communities. The current version dates from 2019.
    • r/Therian -- The therian subreddit.
    • Therian Guide -- Therian Guide is an active forum dedicated to therianthropy, founded by Euipoi in 2013. The moderator team is DustWolf, LycanTheory, BlackWolf, BearX, Raz, Zefer Nezumi, Sonja, Thorveim, Coffebear, and Elinox.

    • Crossroads -- Runs on Telegram. Contact Stormdancer on Telegram to join.
    • Serious Therianthropy Discussion Chats -- Held on the last Sunday of the month, in the #stdc channel on the Rizon IRC network. Announcements made and chat logs archived here.
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    1. cheetah's Avatar
      cheetah -
      May 24, 2022: Thébaïde link reverted back to normal, as it is accessible again.

      April 16, 2022: Thébaïde link changed to archived version, as it is currently unaccessible.

      January 2, 2022: Added Sol Chimera's website.

      December 1, 2021: Added Bloodmuffin's website.

      October 12, 2021: Added the website of Who-Is-Page.

      March 7, 2021: Added the r/Therian subreddit.

      February 11, 2021: Link to Sonnet Spiritwind's site updated to link to new homepage.

      July 9, 2020: Werelibrary is back up, at a new URL. Switched entry back and updated the link.

      May 7, 2020: Werelibrary is down. Noted this on entry and linked to an archived version.

      May 4, 2020: Added Lynxspirit and Wildpath Library. Bolded collaborative sites known to be active in the past year.
    1. Coyote Jones's Avatar
      Coyote Jones -
      Just a note that Absurdism in its present form is not the same site as the archived www.absurdism.org. I don't speak for Quil, but I know he's not crazy about the online therian community in general, and I wonder if he'd want to be included in this list? (I suppose people could try to reach him through Dreamwidth to ask? I deleted my account.)

      Edit: Which is to say that Quil is currently sharing very little publicly through the most recent version of his site. I don't know if he'd prefer Werelist to include the link as-is, to link to an archived version, or to keep his material away from Werelist entirely.
    1. cheetah's Avatar
      cheetah -
      He has PMs disabled, at least for people who he doesn't give access to, so that's not really a possibility.

      I can't know if he would or not, but the site is still up and it's possible to reach the index of therianthropy writings (you click "go back" after clicking on the essay for human universals). And Katsune's works are also there, and far as I know they dropped off the Internet. Given that you used to get redirected if you went to Quil's section of the site, and the fact that those works are still there, I suspect that the change in the home page was less an attempt to take things off the Internet and more an attempt to redo the layout of the site.

      Given that, I'm going to link to the current version for now. If I hear that Quil wishes otherwise, then I will respect their wishes.