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    Welcome to Werelist, one of the longest running therianthropy community sites. This is a safe and welcoming place for anyone who is prepared to be honest and thoughtful about who they are and why they are here. If you’re new to therianthropy, it’s okay to share honestly about your feelings and experiences and not worry that people will make fun of you for not knowing some stuff. This is a place for mature adults, and even though we do let younger folks participate, mature adult behavior is absolutely expected. We’ll do our best to help you learn how to live up to that. We know it can be a tall order, sometimes especially for us “animal people”, but we’re here to help.

    We invite you to join our community of individuals by sharing your experiences in a reasonable, intelligent, and mature manner. We hope to be a place where communal socialization meets logical argument, and leads to an enriching base of knowledge for the therian community as a whole.

    We hope that while you're here you will participate in our long standing forum where you will find existing threads that cover the spectrum of therian experiences. In addition to the vast amount of posts that currently exist, we are always enriched by new threads created by those who are new to our community, or members coming back to us from a prolonged absence.

    As we continue to evolve to meet the needs of an ever growing and ever changing community we have been adding new features to our site. Among the new features we are excited to provide are; a member map, an interactive calendar that is integrated with our forums, and blogs. We intend to bring more elements in the future to enrich our users' experiences, so we hope you will stick around to see them.

    Be welcome! We’re glad to have you on board and we hope you enjoy your stay.
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    Hello! After hosting an otherkin/therian information panel at Fur The More 2020, I felt the need to do something more. The ...
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    I've been (kind of secretly) putting this together for a couple of months. It features art, poetry, information, recipes, ...
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    Spoilers: This was our April Fools joke for 2016

    As many of you are aware, there is a growing demand in the therian community for a community-run documentary project. Major motivations for such a project include the desires to educate the public, to counter bad media presentations, and to ultimately have greater control over the public “face” of therianthropy.

    To this end, the Werelist staff have worked behind the scenes for a while, and we are pleased to announce the ‘List’s official involvement with the production of the first community-controlled documentary.The History Channel has contacted us with interest in documenting therianthropy academically, with focus on correcting misinformation and presenting a more professional side of the community. Therian community involvement is to take place on all levels from casting, to production, and even, crucially, to editing, with Werelist staff and members having ultimate veto power over the information presented. Because of the level of control afforded to the community with this project, Werelist staff have made an exception to our usual policy regarding media recruitment.

    This project is still early in its production, and more information will be made available to the ‘List as things progress. Production will not jeopardize anyone’s privacy here – involvement is on a volunteer basis only, as it has been with the therianthropy talks and presentations we’ve participated in in the past.
    Please consider volunteering for any of the following:

    - Casting (we desperately need well-spoken and professional folks to appear on camera and present the community in a positive way)

    - Q&A - similar to other Q&As on Werelist. If you’re uncomfortable going on camera, you can still participate in a Q&A. These are most likely to be audio recordings with quotes to be used here and there in the production. However, some typed responses may be used (though consider a vocal actor may be used to read your quotation. You may also opt to be played by an actor available to the network.). The idea is to have as many different participants and “voices” of the community as possible.

    - Polls – As of yet, we don’t know what kind of data will be gathered for the film. Any polls whose data will be used will be clearly marked. Please consider participating in these – the more data we can gather, the better.
    Other needs may come up as production continues. We will keep you informed. Let us know if you have any questions, and if you would like to volunteer for anything mentioned so far, say so here and we will start a potential list.

    This project represents an exciting breakthrough in the community. Hopefully you’re all as excited as we are to have the opportunity to combat the exploitative media coverage the community has received thusfar. With this film, we hope to both correct misinformation and spark more academic, informed interest in therianthropy.

    ~ The Werelist HelpStaff

    ADDENDUM! This just in! We have secured actors for the Werelist staff, who have declined to appear due to fear of governmental testing.

    Savage will be played by Dom Cruz.

    Jakkal will be played by this ferocious and intimidating boop-a-snoot.

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