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The Werelist Upgrade

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So today started out as a normal birthday for myself, everything went to hell. I realized when the new host server propagated that some people were still posting on the old server and some people had access to the new server. The people with access to the new server were wondering why some of their posts were missing (Because the new server was copied on Sunday). So between Sunday and Today, there's been a mess of posts lost. Basically anything between Sunday and now is missing from the forums.

Given that, in the past, when WL went down, it was down for months. So I think this is just a hiccup in the grand scheme of things.

So you might have noticed that the forum has some cool new features. Namely we have: Blogs (What I'm using now). We also have a CMS (Content management system). That will let us post articles and information. AAAANNNNDD we now have a mobile friendly style for people that like to view the site on their cellphones or tablets or whatever.

So I hope the pain of getting the new site up will not outweigh the new cool features we get.

The admins are still going through all the options and stuff, so if you see something wonky, be sure to let someone on the helpstaff know.

Updated July 15th, 2015 at 11:23 AM by Jakkal

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  1. Wolf Daughter's Avatar
    This blog feature is awesome. Thank you.