Things that irk me...

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So.. in a facebook thread I happened to come across was this video:

Now I am not sure what to think about it... it seems as if both the guy and girl are "playing " at it...

What say you?


  1. MountainGhost's Avatar
    I can't personally say that I'd find it to be any of your business how that girl wants to act. What is there to gain from that level of judgment? Therians of all people should understand how wide the variety of experience can be, and how wide the variety of expression thereof.

    For the sake of clarity: how exactly do you feel that this affects you personally? What does it change about your experience? I would like to believe that this is not simply a case of a person invalidating someone else in order to validate themselves. Yes?
  2. norsewolf's Avatar
    Let me be clear,

    1) I am all for self expression.
    2) I did some really dumb shit when I was 20 as well.
    3) All of the above being said, I firmly believe that we as therians should actively police our own and ensure the media at large does not think we are crack pots.
  3. Charliepaw's Avatar
    It would be impossible to "police our own" because there is not an exact reason as to what therianthropy is actually caused by. Many therians have different beliefs and ideas as to what the cause could be. With that comes different behaviors and such. While I do not agree with the behavior or particular things said in the interview she has that freedom. Plus, she is not hurting anyone by this or herself . Not my place to judge and my thoughts on this. I can understand what frustrate you. You have that right to believe that just as much as the girl has a right to what she believes. The video made me angry at the reporter in all honesty. Not very Professional
    Updated January 28th, 2016 at 09:26 PM by Charliepaw