Coyote Jones


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Something that reminds me of wolf, that feels wolfy to me, is the wandering. Setting out into the unknown and blazing your own trail whether you want to or not. The wide-awake feeling of focusing all senses and all memories on the perilous navigation of an unfamiliar terrain. Seeking a familiar voice. Carrying the loneliness with stoicism. Living a storied life whose story will never be told. Whose life is carried out in search of another one to teach, kin to teach. The need to keep moving because that's all you can do.

As a human wolf, exploring the unknown intellectually and with intuitive curiosity. Knowing that maybe no one will follow in your footsteps. A traveller, a wanderer, the bold distant cousin who goes on long journeys abroad and returns with tales of foreign lands. A messenger. Quicksilver. Answers seeking the question. A life of hardship padding casually through fields of sunlight and flowers where every life follows a predictable progression and ends in a flowery, prosaic obituary. The defense and overturning of tradition. Crossing cold rivers on calloused feet. Searching for something, something, that will always elude you, something just beyond your grasp but so compelling that you can almost taste it.
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  1. Charliepaw's Avatar
    This gave me quite an emotional response while reading. Thanks for sharing Coyote Jones. As always, I enjoy reading what you have to say.
  2. Gray Pool's Avatar
    This is a very beautiful post! Thank you for contributing, it made me feel like I was in the wild once more.
    Updated March 5th, 2016 at 11:07 PM by Gray Pool
  3. Wolf Daughter's Avatar
    Oh, how i have to resist the urge to set out into the wilderness. I must remind the wolf within that it's in a frail human body that would go hungry, but most likely freeze to death first. But it's not impossible to learn the survival skills needed, even to get through a harsh winter. Goals.