Werewolf diaries


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Well, at least nothing new happened with me. I am still dealing with being my werewolf self even though I wonder if it ties in with my mental illness? I don't really know, I still tend to have the instincts of a wild animal and I just avoid attacking anyone because I don't want to get in trouble with the law, I am just glad I got some antipsychotics to help deal with the brunt of it. I am really a pacifist with problematic thinking but I would never harm a soul and I did see my therapist, I just never told her that I am a therian. I don't want people to think that I am crazy or anything so I keep it locked in, or I discuss it on this board or with my fiance.

I do wonder though if my werewolf self is caused by my psychosis (lycanthropy in a sense) or if my psychosis is caused by my werewolf self?

I just wish I was not a therian and didn't have these impulses.
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