Another plane, a distant dimension. Am I walking alone?

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After a long time I understand there is no human side nor werefox, or fox side. There is just one side, only my mind, my soul and my spirit. I am a werefox, not from this plane of existence, not from this dimension.

Even being a christian, I have a quite peculiar kind of spirituality, because it is based on my perceptions of this world, all science discovered, everything from other cultures and religions, and so on... Also, I believed in reincarnation because of the blurry visions and memories I had on my childhood and now the vivid memories I have after my final "awakening" (when I finally perceived I really had some not human part and I really needed to investigate why I was so obsessed on foxes suddenly, after the obsession of dragons and wolves on my teen years, and why my depression and anxiety are worsening). Those visions started to show me a lot of what I believe it happens to me and why I behave that way.

I will tell a very short story here because it was a very long story and I am writing it slowly to document everything and to check if what I was thinking is real or only fantasy of my mind.

First, I came from another plane, very similar to Earth but humans was banished from there, well, kind of. What's happened is that evolution takes a different path because of nature conditions, all creatures there takes a chance to evolve. But some creatures don't evolve in the same way, some differences still remains. There, the most prominent people was the middle sized and big sized mammals (the giant sized don't make it, unfortunately, evolving in a different path, just like the small mammals and other creatures). So, there wasn't all animals we had here there, just some mammals. This is why I say I am a werefox, because it is the better way to define me here.

So, I came from another place, another dimension. And I believe as well another planes, dimensions, existences are floating around there and a lot of people came from there due to reincarnation.

But, am I alone here? Why I remember so well of those things? Sometimes I think this all is hallucination, a kind of schizophrenia, dragging me more and more to madness. All of those thinks are bullshit? I am skeptical, I always be skeptical, but my skepticism was only coherent to me because I can look ahead and see what can be true, it is a selective skepticism. This is why I believe in reincarnation, energy manipulation, magical acts. I believe because I can experience those things, can find these relations with the known process of science and if something is unknown by the science I can link it and see how can it be explained. But those memories, these cannot came from dreams, just from memories and these are filled from my imagination. During some meditation I did a past life regression and reach out that place, it was a brief moment but I can see my house only and just see poorly my pawns. On a contradiction, I cannot just visualize myself in my past life correctly, I always need to imagine and use references from this world to complete the image.

I remember I had a best friend there, a werewolf who always was at my side, even during my worse days there (yes, my depression, melancholia and anxiety was present there) and he is someone I miss now and this is very strange since it is a person I've never seen before, at least here in this existence. The absence of him in my life is a painful thing. Another person was my partner there, a white werefox, which I believe I came from this plane to find her. Now I know she is my wife, at least I think she is, because my pain and stress was relieved since I started to talk to her on internet and met her in real life. She is not therian and not have any remember from there now. I think she is in this place for a long time, having so many lives here. That's another thing in reincarnation, it goes beyond time.

Now I question, is there anybody from that plane with those memories? Someone to confirm this? Or should I live with this forever, trying to keep believing or thinking I am keeping descending into madness and I don't come back anymore...

P.S. I don't expect anyone believe on what I wrote here, I just wrote to get this written somewhere and I think this is a safe place to do it. If you don't like it, you can safely ignore and move on...
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  1. AziMWolf's Avatar
    Have you considered you might be a Starseed? I have a few friends that identify as those. One is an Anthro Fox too.