Of wolf and the zhuard

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Again feeling a strong deep longing to be with a pack (of wolves) or a clan (of zhuards). It dawned on me that I haven't had a single M-shift or phantom shift in months- as summer likes to drain all of that. Yet I can't get my mind off of the two above creatures. They may look different, but my brain is screaming at how similar they are. Why is it easier for me to fluidly shift from wolf to zhuard or vice versa? Why when one is triggered the other is equally as distressed? Why when I look at my art, I see nothing short of a wolf in a sense when I'm looking at a zhuard? They aren't mammals..but I see them increasingly as a wolf equivalent from where they originate.
Why am I so connected to the wolf if it has such an absence in my prior life where the zhuard- a changeling type creature-was the main focus? The question never stressed me out, but it had always been in the back of my mind. These so called changelings do have some wolf like qualities about them I won't dismiss. Many live in family groups, their eyes are canine-esque, they yelp, they whimper, they 'howl', they growl and snarl; they hunt like wolves and are both feared and revered.
Sure, I can say that my kin type is some form of a xenowolf- but it's not. The zhuard is unique yet similar. It is the wolf of its homeworld, which is perhaps why I relate to wolves in this world. The zhuard is my mind and the wolf is my heart- and both need each other. I realize that I cannot have a connection with the zhuard without the wolf and I cannot connect to the wolf without the zhuard. Knowing that makes me feel very comfortable.