Spring is here

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It's not like I don't feel lonely and trapped all the time. I do. It's practically the definition of my existence. But I think it's at the most extreme in the spring. I look outside and stare off in a particular direction, that direction is north, slightly west. I saw a woodpecker while doing just that this morning, and I envied it. I didn't want to peck wood, but it reminded me that I don't have feathers. I want feathers. Give me enough of them in the right places, and make me much smaller, and I could do what I want to do. Fly for miles. In that direction. To where? Somewhere. Somewhere better. That's what I think when I'm looking out there. I need something that's out there, but can't get it. What is it even that I want from out there? Go in the direction I want to go and all you find is the middle-north of the US. I wouldn't want to live there. That's not even a place I'm considering going to for any reason. But I want to fly in that direction.
Maybe it's important that I specifically want to fly. You know what migrates in the spring in that direction? Lots of birds. Double-crested cormorants. Hundreds of cormorants flying. I want to go with them.
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  1. Kerguelen's Avatar
    And because I thought it was funny:
  2. Sula's Avatar
    I have experienced the exact same thing. I don't know whether its related to my therianthropy or not, but I also have a specific direction I want to fly, not walk or drive but fly. For me it's south and slightly east. The feeling has been with me for quite some time, much longer than I've known about my therianthropy. My species isn't even migratory but I still feel a need to fly in that direction.
  3. Kerguelen's Avatar
    Looking back on this is funny considering Wyoming is right smack on the line I drew when I wrote this and envisioned the direction I wanted to go in.