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I’ve always had an uneasy veiw about “therian” parents.. I either see them influencing kids to like specific animals and just the idea of someone who feels not human but, wants to bring another human into the world, seems conflicting to me.

I also have a belief I hold deep down which is the typical “Save the planet don’t reproduce. If you love the planet why Are you continuing your ecological footprints.” Kind of view. Being a therian in a sense to me is thinking, and feeling far from human, and wanting to do things that benefit the environment and trying to avoid unneeded continuation of our genes and “legacy”.

Despite having a negative veiw of people, I have some friends I share close relationships to, I’m very skeptical, and untrusting of most people as a whole though. (Some of it being due to a traumatic event) I see the worst in people to the point where people bringing life into the world bothers me. I have trouble with seeing how someone who identifies with an animal and may deal with species dismorphia could have kids. I don’t really come across therians who appear to be parents but when I do, I’m just skeptical.

To me, being a therian means to give up my ability to create a future ecological footprint and during my time while I’m alive, do things to save/spread awareness of/educate about species and nature that have been a part of me my whole life. Most therians I have met seem to dispise of the idea of child bearing which I think is due to deeply ingrained idea of wanting to nourish an environment that our theriotype would not be effected by people. I’ve never shared this due to ridicule but, it’s something I’ve kept bottled for a while now and just needed to express.

-I may not like people or crowds but I’m normally outgoing and friendly to people who are understanding and treat me nicely. Also because I am an adult, I don’t allow my dislikes to turn me into an unapproachable individual. I always remain professional. My distrust and dislike will usually be apparent when someone comes off too bold, rubs off on me the wrong way, or if I’m feel like I’m being ganged up on.

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