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okay so this is probably gonna be really painful to read because i have so much to write about and i don't know how to word it properly. whoops. i just have so many thoughts trapped in my mind and i need to get them out.
okay so first.... i haven't been active here in ages. 2 years ago i found out i was a therian and since then i've sort of been on and off with the therian community. i didn't tell anyone that i was a therian for a few months, until i decided to make a tumblr and also this account. i haven't told anyone i know personally that i'm a therian but i just wanted to find some like-minded people. so i had these accounts where i would talk about therianthropy and stuff, and eventually i would just abandon them out of nowhere. usually it was because i was scared that people i know would find out. as much as i love my friends and as much as they love me, they aren't supportive of therians at all. i don't know how they would react if they found out that i was a therian so i try to keep this side of me hidden, which is why i'm not very active here. i have 2 weeks off of school and i'm quite busy so i won't see my friends, so i finally have a chance to talk to you guys. finally.
also, i feel like the werelist is the only place where i can really talk to like-minded therians. when i go on tumblr all i see is lots of young people who identify as so many different animals and fictional characters (i've seen someone who had a list of over 20 animals/people/whatever that they identified with) and idk, i just feel so different compared to them despite the fact that i'm the same age as some of these people. I don't need to wear a tail or howl or walk on all fours to be happy. honestly i just need to go outside and be in nature to feel happy. i really want some therian friends that i can meet in real life. i'm want to find some in my city that i could hang out with sometime, but i'm so scared that a friend might see me with them and then everyone will find out. yikes.
okay the sad/edgy part of my rant is over.
second of all.... i live in the southern hemisphere SO IT'S GETTING CLOSE TO WINTER. i love the cold so so much... i love snuggling in bed with lots of blankets and i also LOVE wearing big warm jackets. i got this fake fur blanket recently which looks like real wolf fur and i love it so much. it's so soft and it looks amazing. i don't have school for the next two weeks so i'm going out of the city with my family for a week. we're visiting some family up north for easter and then going further south for the rest of the week to see some friends. i'm so excited because i'll have plenty of opportunities to be outside and have some fun. there isn't a lot of exciting stuff to do up north but we're only there for 2 nights. Down south is a different story. There's a really nice forest with lots of walking trails there. when i go there i actually feel like a wolf walking in the woods and it makes me so happy. there's also some really cool lakes there and if it isn't super cold, they're nice to swim in. also it's gonna be cold as heck so i'm gonna be SUPER HAPPY. i don't know if we're gonna go out and do anything else there yet, but hopefully i'll have some time to share all of my cool adventures with you guys!
okay if you read this whole thing, well done. it's been almost a year since i was active on the werelist and it feels great to be back. expect another rant like this sometime lol
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  1. Vintage's Avatar
    You are your own person- you don't need to fit in with anyone elses experience of therianthropy. There are many young therians, but there are therians that are 20+, like me. Some are even married with kids. But you'll hardly find them on youtube or tumblr. You'll encounter more in forums.
    I don't have any desire to wear tails or things like that (collars..etc). I only wear jewelry or shirts..

    Anywho--enjoy your time off!