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Red and blonde.

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And then there's the melanistic coyote who shows up disproportionately often in my journal. Maybe the colouring is my own. Maybe I'm extrapolating.


(1) If your species has multiple subspecies, is there a specific one or various ones that feel more at home to you?

(2) Are there certain phenotypic/physical traits that feel right to you?

This is all assuming that at base, you're very possibly someone whose theriotype's subspecies isn't known. It's more like "If you had to choose to represent yourself that way, what would you emphasize?"

1) Coastal wolf versus arctic wolf, for example, or a cormorant native to the North American continent, or an Asiatic instead of an African leopard.

2) Examples might be a coyote therian who just feels more comfortable being depicted with silvery versus reddish fur, or a smaller western coyote versus an eastern coyote with a broader, more wolflike muzzle.

I don't feel that the "why" part matters as much, honestly. Don't feel compelled to answer that part unless you feel comfortable doing so. Besides which, even if you just feel that something is right for you, well, feelings are real and verifiable.

I remember Top Brass perceiving my animal self, in his mind's eye, as "bigger than I expected". (As a human, I have some weight to lose, but I don't think that's what he meant.) I remember some people suggesting black fur, which fascinates me.

I don't think it's exclusively a furry thing! Nor do I think it's necessarily fluffy or weird to depict yourself physically in certain ways, as a nonhuman animal. It feels . . . I don't know, grounding? Your own identity is no small thing, and appearances matter to humans, and sometimes to nonhuman animals in ways that are beyond my current knowledge base. (Darker or black manes signifying good health in male lions, for example.) But it feels both arbitrary and intensely real.

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