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Hello, my friends, sorry that I have been inactive for so long. This forum seemed to have died before I left but now I come back to an active form (or semi-active, yay?). Nothing much is new, I had two cats over the course of one year, one of them died (Ross) while the other one is still alive (named Buddy/Bud-Bud). I got pictures in case anyone wants to see them. I really wish that the vet could've saved Ross's life but he probably had kidney failure but as a kitten? Can it happen for kittens? Poor guy, I cry a lot when I am by myself because I was unable to get him to the vet in time.

But yeah, so I was depressed. Jay and I put him in his favorite bag after saying our final words to him. Recalling such a thing breaks my heart, I don't want Buddy to share that fate, at least for a while anyway when it's time. It will still break my heart, but at least he will have had a long, happy life.

Just sucks I couldn't save Ross. =/
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