Introduction (Again)

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What name[s] do you go by:

- Ada/Blu

How old are you:

- 20

Your General Location:

- California

Do you have any Hobbies or Interests:

- I draw, write, play guitar, sing (albiet horribly) and bike. I'm also pretty active in the furry community and have been meaning to get into fursuit/costume making as well!

Are you a Therian:

- No. Just a curious observer. Though there was a time where I was pretty confident I was a Red Wolf/Dragon otherkin.

How did you find out about Therianthropy:

- Tumblur! If I remember things correctly.

If you are not a therian, what made you interested in Therianthropy:

- I'm just rather interested in the idea of people identifying with or as animals or things non-human. It's an interesting subject to me. I was once in a discord server for Therians- very cool people.

Do you experience Shifts, such as a mental shift, phantom shift, etc:

- No.

Any other therianthropic experiences:

- Don't have any really. Outside of thinking I was a Red Wolf/Dragon once.

What would you like to gain from these forums:

- Knowledge! That about sums it all up.

Nice to meet you all a second time! I made an account here like, 4 years ago. I think. Got locked out of my email.

Seeya around!
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