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I hate dealing with shit

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Anyways, just had my recent hunting instinct kick in yesterday. Made it kind of hard to talk to my fiance on it and I hid from him the graphic nature of my mind out of fear that he would not like it, especially on how incredibly ultraviolent it was.

This is what I deal with on some days, it makes me wish I could go hunting with my uncle but I know he would rather hunt with my male cousins than to have a girl tag along. I probably would scare the prey away though, even if I don't mean to.

I just wish I could tell Jay (my fiance) everything on what goes on in my mind but I am stark scared of him being afraid of being around me. I don't really think he could handle it, plus I think I scared off my only reader, heh. Oh well, I guess I need to find some time to do more relaxing meditation to help soothe those urges so that I don't get those thoughts to begin with.

Just wish I could tell him. He knows about my therianthropy though, probably the only one who does outside of here other than my pen pal anyway.

Maybe tonight I can tell him, I dunno.
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