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So I'm reading a book on Celtic lore and spellcraft, ("Invoking The Morrigan" by Stephanie Woodfield), and it got into a section on animal energies and Celtic animal allies.

I got thinking about therianthropy, and how I suspect even the most animal-centered, by-the-book therians and psychologically-minded folks can still have their therianthropy be impacted by anthropomorphism of their theriotype, including historical and spiritual archetypes used to describe their species.

It got me considering that this may be a useful avenue for therians to be exploring and researching alongside scientific and biological studies on their theriotypes. Because I don't think any of us are immune to ingrained human conceptions about animals affecting our personal identity and senses of self.

I know otherkind, fictionkind and theriomythic folks are likely used to needing to research this area of lore on their species, but I think it could be useful to earthen animal therians as well. Researching the mythical and spiritual significance of your species in different cultures, religions and practices is a thing that I think could be extremely important and even bring some clarity to little aspects and traits that have affected how you function and/or view yourself as an animal-person.

Explore the archetypes that your species is presented through historically, because you may be more affected by them than you think you are.

I'm always nervous to post on the forum, so I thought I'd stick this here instead. Also I honestly might just be talking out my ass on this, but bear with me. I'm bloody tired between work and obligations, and just thought I could mention another interesting area to research animals through. This doesn't say to not prioritize biological studies, but that I think this is another area of study that’s worth considering.
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