Half A Decade, How Odd

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So today’s my five year anniversary of entering the nonhuman communities. Half a decade, huh. Not very long but still feels like it’s been a while - but also no time at all, the passage of time has been strange. Even in the time I’ve been here I’ve seen a lot of change. Likely longer than many a folk thought I'd be around for.

This day marks the day in 2016 when I nervously posted for the first time on the otherkin subreddit trying to get some sort of information, and got grilled to hell, hah. Should have expected the response to a quiet and skittish 18-year-old android would be not too great. Even worse with my fictheriotype when I started questioning that in September 2016.

Things took off a bit better since though. I'm Pleased to see two new forums going up. I'm still catching up on everything new on them since I fell asleep.

The community's probably like "Damn, that asshole android's still around after half a decade? What the hell". I like to think I’ve made peace with most of the people I used to be fight-y with when I was younger and stupider, heh

But uh, more years to come, ideally. As long as I stay alive, we'll see how long this keeps up for.

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