Going with the flow

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I keep thinking about a dream a few nights ago, mainly for the reason that was only clear concerning one short part. Yévonne and Allendria were racing through a wooded area for fun—as simple as that sounds. This is often how it goes, and I find myself yet again in Allendria’s spot.

My first thoughts following the happy thrilling vibrations of my chaperone were that of mild amusement from keeping up with her. She was accurately a fair bit smaller than I, yet I was just as agile. Perhaps this shouldn’t have been that surprising: Allen didn’t have fully webbed paws like a purebred nightmire would, but she certainly had the height. I felt my hind legs stretch and kick with each stride and a one point broke into a rather funky extended trot.

The trees were so tall, and as I usually remembered, foliage and shrubs were very minimum in Issuhiro. I followed her streak of white fur until we were running very close to each other. I could not tell if the suns were shining, and most everything seemed more or less muted. It must’ve been the beginnings of the amber season—the atmosphere had a very sepia tint. We broke the tree line of the forest where I saw Yéves make a few bounds before slowing into a stop. I did the same, and we looked out over the yellow-white grassy plains before us.

Life has been a little steadier this week…that said, I’ve been content art-wise and have let there be a few lapses—I feel no urge and am at a very go with the flow mindset. If something presents itself that I just have to draw, then so be it. But for now, creativity wise, it feels like I’m floating about casually in a pool. I wonder if this is an intermittent zone for me, as it happens every so often. It’s not a restless art block, yet it’s not particularly creative. It just ‘is’.

I enjoy being in this particular mindset because ideas, memories and epiphanies come much easier. I see my favorite artists haven’t posted much this week either…To add, I haven’t gone outside a lot aside from errands, so my external inspiration is on slight standby.
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