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Nothing new here, just a job update.

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Just have been relaxing at my new job, I am taking up a different day because a co-worker of mine has something going on Tuesday so her shift will be open for me to take. Apparently, I am the best co-worker ever, lol. At least now none of us are going to get occurrences for it (which are basically points against you. 6 points and you're terminated) since we are switching spots. I hope everything goes well for her though, I am just glad I get some break time in-between days, lol. Then I can see my other favorite co-worker there the day after!

Other than that, as I said, nothing much. Buddy and Jay are happy that I am home considering I leave for 12-hour shifts and barely have time to rest in between, especially for my ears (since the masks dig into my ears and I have to use this little clip thing that I tie the mask ends on. Did I mention that I love that little thing? Because I do!

Anyways, that's pretty much what's been happening. I will try to think up better things to talk about but we'll see when that occurs. Until then, everyone take care!
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