New here!

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Hi! I'm Owen M, I just discovered myself last night. Started shifting a lot more often. Haven't shifted before this majorly since 2011-2016. Broad I know, I was 7 in 2011. Thought I would start this entry by introducing myself. I have 2 theriotypes, a wolf and a dog. I am new to this, so if anyone has any tips for helping me, do let me know!


  1. cheetah's Avatar
    Welcome to the Werelist from a cheetah therian.

    So what happened between 2016 and now?
  2. OwenM's Avatar
    I really don’t know. My school life has definitely gotten much more stressful. Other than that, I don’t know
  3. OwenM's Avatar
    Discovered a new Theriotype the other day! It's a coyote. Very quiet acts the same as one I've decided to name Moon-Moon. All except the vocals!