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Primordial Scorpion: Comfortable in My Identity

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My life is a wreck right now, so I don't tend to show up here and do all the introspection and engage in all the deep discussion, but I always return. I look at my screen name and smile knowing it suites me better than any screen name has on any sort of non human identity oriented forum. I am comfortable with it being purely psychological. In fact, I've realized that it started developing around the same time my gender would have been solidified. I recognize wholesome roots and how I had a relationship with the environment around me in the state of Texas. I wonder why I didn't turn out a lizard therian or fly therian... even a roach or snake therian. In any case, the gummy scorpion, the scorpion stickers all combined with my love of bugs, being taken on family vacations to natural places all combined with needing a defense against all the nightmares and all the emotional abuse I suffered as a child. It all makes sense, and it's all still here, and it's all OK.

I don't think I'd enter a pagan circle or approach a shrine wearing a scorpion tail, but that's because that stuff isn't about me. It's about the deities of occasion. I might go to Pride or a party like that though.

I kind of feel like I should be a scorpion with a human head. It's weird and nonsensical, but then, even the mythology I grew up with was weird and nonsensical. Winged humans are nonsensical. They'd have wicked back problems. Then find out that that's not what biblical angels actually looked like.... and man are those things Lovecraftian horrors!

I do have another nonhuman aspect, and that aspect will not reveal itself to me because it wants to be seen as "just a person". I don't know the origins of that aspect, but that is OK. I want to know. I want to rush the awakening process even though I know I shouldn't.

It's nice to be OK and at peace with where I am with all this otherkin/ therian stuff. I am finally comfortable in my nonhuman identity. I might even opt for a different name based around my identity. Can I be a Bond villain?

I have some time on my hands, so I think I'll write that essay about awakening, but I want to do some prewriting first, and I'll do that prewriting in this blog.
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