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Hmm, I am constantly in curious mode right now mainly because I am starting to question my theriotype, wondering on if that werewolf thing of mine was something I leaped early on without much in the way of introspection. I just merely took it from two dreams I had where I was taller than everyone and looked greyish in the mirror (which was hazy at the time of me looking into it). Another dream had me look at my arms, which had greyish white fur all over them, a light coating.

I don't really know, I seem to be more catty than anything despite my walking tends to make me feel more wolfish and I see myself as a wolf so maybe I have two theriotypes? A domestic cat with a werewolf element to it? Polymorph? I don't really know. I am just thinking about this kind of stuff because I really want to figure out my identity. I know I am human, biologically and physically but I seem to be wired and spiritually as something else. I suppose once I figure it out, an a-ha moment will strike me like lightning onto a trunk, making me realize that I am this sort of thing! Wouldn't it be awesome though if I didn't turn up as a therian? I mean, I would be in denial for a while and then be like: "You know what? I am completely a non-therian and that's okay!" I do wish I didn't have the prey drive though, and trying to speak when one is mostly m-shifted makes it EXTREMELY difficult because your mind is trying to formulate words and it comes out as growl talk.

Oh well, maybe I'll figure out later on on it, I am doing some serious self-reflection here.
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