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Yeah, I write some interesting titles, eh? Hahaha, anyways, I really don't know what to do with my life. I suppose I should go talk to a counselor about what classes are left but I am having too much fun at college (aside from no friends, anyway)! I am thinking of taking higher up classes for Math like Calculus or Pre-Calc and see if I can do well in that out of for fun sake. I know Microeconomics was a bit tough, especially with the teacher on loving on putting in things like on what's a price-setter and taker (I know those now) but I guess it was a bit easier than Macroeconomics and a little more interesting. It helped to have a teacher who was both cute and had a German accent, having emigrated from Germany back in the late 90s.

I have been waiting for the next Life is Strange episode to come out on PS3. It's also available on XBox Live, Steam as well as PS4 but they said they would release it sometime this week. It's good for those who are into time travel as your time travel and other actions tend to change the future in a certain way, especially in episode 3. I guess it's something that has to be waited on. I just don't really know what to do with my time other than go to work and go to volunteer. I want to be able to do something productive with my life! I could work on C# I guess thru teaching myself more on it or even get a good teacher who doesn't do that silly group business with hooking me up with someone who doesn't want to work with me to begin with. I mean, how childish is that, anyway? I hate people who get all uppity because they have to work with me! I had that shit to deal with in Elementary school! You think they would have grown up past that!

But alas, teachers still think it's a great idea after all and I get stuck with the slackers who expect me to do all the work. Which reminds me: I did do most of the work in Managing Projects and got a 4.0 for our project. Just had to assemble everything together and some of my classmates insisted that I delegate more, but I really didn't care to have a repeat of the failed performance like last project. If you want stuff done right, do it yourself, as they say!

Anyways, I am just relaxing while enjoying either Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2 or playing on Final Fantasy IV on Steam (I wouldn't recommend getting this because it still has the problem of crashing every so often, but at least the quick save feature is nice. It saves after each new room load or when you got out of your last battle!). I am still weirded out how they did Kain's voice because he's SOOOO MASCULINE. Kinda meh to me but I do love seeing his nice long blonde hair in the intro.

Yeah, nothing new has been going on in my life.
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  1. TopBrass's Avatar
    I always considered myself a good student of mathematics, but when I got into calculus I just fell flat on my face. I remember that there was an entire page of the exam that I was absolutely clueless on. The feeling of absolute terror as I gazed down at the page and didn't have the faintest idea how to do any of it.. I don't think I'm ever going to forget that. It's a good chuckle nowadays. The problem I had with that course is that the material we covered in class wasn't representative of what was on the exam. The in-class material reflected basic applications of a given formula or theorem, but the quizzes and exam tended to have exclusively those situations that required an extremely abstract application of the theory that usually hinged on a technicality. I still passed in the end, but it wasn't a pleasant experience.

    I don't know if the steam release of Final Fantasy IV(my favorite in the series) is the same as the enhanced 3D remake that came out on the Nintendo DS years ago, but if that's the one then I think they were trying to imitate Batman with Kain's voice actor.
  2. Alliana's Avatar
    Ugh, yeah you're probably right and I think it's a direct port of the Nintendo 3Ds or maybe the Android version is the one that they used when releasing it for Steam. Don't ya hate it when teachers do that (the whole showing of material that wasn't covered in class)? I don't know why teachers do that and expect people to pass, it's like they are setting us up to fail and it's completely and utterly inane of them to do that. Heh, they failed at Kain's VA, it's just very weird for him but whatever, I guess they think it's best for him so who am I to judge? But yeah, I totally feel ya on the whole class aspect with teachers that fail at teaching material that was relevant to their lecture when it comes to doing the assignments.

    God, I hate that.