50 kin questions-Incoming- edited for 2018

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50 kin questions 2018

1. What was your first kintype? My first kintype was and still is the Timber wolf. I discovered it during grade school when I was too young to search the internet to figure out why I was so attached to the wolf. I relied on books at the time.

2. What was it like discovering you were otherkin? It was a breath of fresh air finally knowing that I wasn’t as crazy as I thought. Though with it seemed to bring a lot of research and unanswered questions. Discovering the term otherkin only shed a sliver of light.

3. Do/does your kintype(s) impact your personality/actions in any way? If so, how? Well, mainly through shifts. I experience them often enough. As far as my personality- it has mainly been shaped by the environment I live in now. My prior personality as a changeling has been suppressed severely because of it. There are a few things that do surface however. My territorial behavior and I suppose my stubbornness.

4. What kintype(s) interest you most? All of them do. I enjoy reading the experiences of other therians and kin.

5. What do you like most about your own kintype(s)? My kintypes are a varied bunch. That variety is part of the spice in my life.

6. What do you dislike most about your own kintype(s)? I dislike the carnal urges I have to suppress that seem so natural for me yet are looked down upon. For example, polyamory and territorial mannerisms or aggressive shifts that push me away from some animals.

7. Are you questioning any kintype(s)? Currently no questions of possible additions, but thinking about minimizing. The horse is a kin-type where I have yet to decide whether I am kin or just hearted. I’ve also decided a few years back that I’m more Hyena hearted than kin.

8. What is your favorite kin-related memory or thought? I have so many! Definitely the ones where I’m close to my ‘mere’/adopted mother, Yéves.

9. Do you have any phantom limbs? What are they?
Wolf: usually phantom snout, paws, body
Horse: ears, hooves
Zhuard/changeling: facial shield, body, claws/paws, spurs, tail

10. What kind of things make your certain kintypes happy? A whiff of sweetfeed, absent-mindedly chewing on tough venison jerky, feeling a relaxed phantom limb.

11. What is your favorite uncommon kintype? I don’t have one.
12. What is your favorite common kintype? See above.

13. How did you find out you were otherkin? In a way, I always knew in my young head, but I grew more conscious about it during early teenage years. The internet helped plenty, and then I found the community. The first community I joined was very selective- they were a wolf pack- and I stayed for a little while, before taking my leave as I dropped off therian related things for a while. I returned, finding Werelist. I was still naïve and took a two year break before finding myself, my changeling self, and rejoining the community.

14. What activities do/does your kintype(s) enjoy? Laying out in the sun is something everyone enjoys...right? That along with taking long walks on trails. I have many more hobbies, but none that attribute directly to my kin side.

15. What kind of weather do/does your kintype(s) enjoy? Either light stormy weather or nice Autumn weather.

16. What types of places do/does your kintype(s) enjoy?
Wolf: Secluded forest
Horse: long stretches of land with a few forests.
Zhuard/changeling: They’re quite adaptive, but for favorites, either pine forest or even mountains.

17. What kinds of food do/does your kintype(s) like? For me, and not generalities of the species..-
Wolf: In a wolf shift, I do quite like lamb!
Horse: Never ate hay or alfalfa before, as a normal human being probably shouldn’t, but the craving is there...
Zhuard/changeling: Fish, shellfish in particular. No second thoughts about that.

18. Do you tell people outside of Tumblr about your kintypes? Although I did tell one or two people in the past (close friends now on their own path), circumstances have caused me to reach out a few more people.

19. What, if any, attributes of yourself remind you of your kintype(s)? I attribute my crepuscular behavior and need for physical stimulus to being kin. The latter being the most apparent for me.

20. What kind of things make your kinfeels stronger? Hearing the howls of wolves is a big trigger for me. Having dream memories or even just waking memories are very triggering also. Occasionally music can.

21. What types of company do/does your kintype(s) enjoy? I’m sure others of their kind..Which is one reason why I love to be around horses. On the other hand, certain animals- or individuals- make me territorial.

22. Do you like the blogs about recipes for certain kin? I’ve never went out of my way to look at them.

23. Do you like the blogs about clothing/fashion for kin? Yes, when I do rarely stumble upon them.

24. Do any certain music types appeal to your kin(s)? If so, what kind(s)? Not so much genre as to what song. I do listen more to rock, soundtracks and electronica.

25. How many kintypes do you have? Three.

26. Do you want more/less kintypes? It wouldn’t matter to me as long as I don’t get too overwhelmed. That’s the biggest factor to me. Three is plenty to handle.

27. Do you decorate/have decorations in your room/house that relate to your kintype(s)? I have many horsey items such as statuettes, I have books on wolves and I have jewelry related to my kin-ness. I am planning to collect dreamcatchers- I have two- to hang up as a reminder to pay attention to my dreams/memories.

28. Do any certain smells appeal to your kintype(s)? Sweetfeed, the barn, vanilla and the smell of rain are the things that come to mind.

29. Is/are your kintype(s) attracted to any types of people, personality-wise? No, not really, though I may find myself closer to those who remind me of people I once knew.

30. Does anything about yourself contrast the stereotypes of your kin(s)? I like my alone time every now and then.

31. What feels like home to your kintype(s)? See Q 16.

32. Do/does your kintype(s) enjoy any TV shows, movies, etc. in particular? Back when I thought I was fictionkin, I would’ve had a better answer.

33. Do/does your kintype(s) look drastically different from your human form? Yes, Allen does not look like how I am now. Unfortunately I cannot change that, but I can change things on a superficial level (clothing for ex).

34. What does your favorite kintype of yours look like? Allen as a zhuard is a dark burgundy color, silver spurs, black claws, one light teal and grey eye. Her back is concave in a gentle slope, her forelegs and hindlegs are muscular and her tail is broad. She’s a part nightmire-breed zhuard/changeling. I could go on.

35. What is/are your kintype(s)? Horse, wolf, zhuard/changeling

36. Do you have any fictionkin type(s)? If so, what are they? Not anymore.

37. When did you discover your first kintype? I thought I answered this? In any event, the wolf came to me early on and just stuck. I looked into other canines- coyotes, dingos, dogs- nothing was clearer than the timber wolf.

38. Do/does your kintype(s) prefer light or darkness more? Darkness mainly. Not trying to be edgy, my main kintype is more active during dawn and sunset.

39. Do you have any collections that relate to your kintype(s)? (ex: a hoard of jewels for a dragonkin) Not a hoard, but I do have my dreamcatchers.

40. Have you picked up any hobbies or activities because of your kintype(s)? I honestly wouldn’t mind working on a farm ..though it’s hella work. I draw so I could spread some awareness about my changeling type and my memories. Other than that, no currently.

41. Do/does your kintype(s) enjoy intimacy or space? Intimacy. Zhuards just like the company of one another.

42. Have you met anyone else with the same kintype(s) as you? Yes indeed, of all types. My changelings are much different than from folklore- so much so that I made them a new species called ‘zhuardarians.’ It took me years to pinpoint my shifts, my dreams and their physical shape as well as their behavior.

43. Do you enjoy talking to people with the same kintype(s) as you? I do, although it can get confusing. Perspectives are a fickle matter at times.

44. Do you dress differently based on your kintype(s)? Not currently.

45. How long have you had your oldest kintype? Fourteen years. I was conscious of the wolf.

46. Does anything give you specific kinfeels? (ex: music, certain movies, etc.) Too many things to mention!

47. Is/are your kintype(s) stereotypically “good” or “bad”? I like to think my types are neutral, although Allen dances to both sides a little too much. I rather not go into this actually.

48. Do you express your kintype(s) in some way? If so, how do you express them? (ex: art, dancing, etc.) I draw, I ride, sometimes I like to express my types externally.

49. Are you having trouble accepting any kintype(s)? If so, what kintype(s) and why? I was, but I’m coming around. It seemed a little fleeting at first, but it’s all coming together.

50. What was the first kintype you’ve heard of? Wolf of course.

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