50 kin questions! (stolen from Vintage and also tumblr)

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1. What was your first kintype? Mermaid was the first I knew about, I'd been a mermaid in early childhood from about 4 or 5. And before then I called myself a fish.

2. What was it like discovering you were otherkin? What on earth are you doing you complete nerd

3. Do/does your kintype(s) impact your personality/actions in any way? If so, how? Of course or else why would I be here? The bonobo theriotype has quite a big influence on my outlooks and attitudes towards human life. I'm more of a suntherian so the bonobo infiltrates everything in subtler ways.
Being a mermaid just gives me really strong phantom and mental shifts.

4. What kintype(s) interest you most? Anything rare and/or aquatic

5. What do you like most about your own kintype(s)? When I want to swim all the time it means I get a bit of excercise.
Bonobos are adorable and way prettier than humans. :P

6. What do you dislike most about your own kintype(s)? Some of my instincts and species frustrations clash with the whole human romantic relationships thing in the case of bonobo.
Mermaids aren't real.

7. Are you questioning any kintype(s)? If so, which one(s)? I question my theriotype way more than my kintype, I sometimes worry that I'm just an overzealous furry with misanthropic tendences (or just animal hearted). But then I'm chimp and orangutan hearted and they don't nearly have the same effect on my identity that bonobos do soooo...
My mermaid kintype is just obvious all the time and I couldn't question it if I tried.

8. What is your favorite kin-related memory or thought? I don't believe in reincarnation, but I guess I get nostalgic about places I've never been in relation to kintypes. I do have a common thought of huddling with a load of other bonobos and just overlapping with arms and legs and lazing about in the afernoon sun and stuff.

9. Do you have any phantom limbs? What are they?
Mermaid: tail duh
Bonobo: longer, lankier arms and hands. OPPOSABLE TOES. Sticky out face. Different neck placement.

10. What kind of things make your certain kintypes happy? Some kinds of food. GREEN PLACES. Climbing. Intimate social situations (not in that way. xD), playfighting, humid misty weather.
Swimming underwater in the case of the mermaid.

11. What is your favorite uncommon kintype? Anything really obscure (when it comes to animals) I am a theriotype hipster.

12. What is your favorite common kintype? BIG CATS only because a couple of people I fancy are big cats so... (no one here)

13. How did you find out you were otherkin? Talking to other kin (puntastic) and finding out how extremelly relatable everything was.

14. What activities do/does your kintype(s) enjoy? SWIMMINGGGGG, and even bonobos like water but shallow water you can play about in because they can't actually swim. I have before been messing around in shallow water and shifted as both. Climbing. Eating certain foods. Sexy times (then again so do humans lol it's a feature shared by both species but in different contexts I guess.)

15. What kind of weather do/does your kintype(s) enjoy? Warm and damp/misty, sunshine

16. What types of places do/does your kintype(s) enjoy?
Bonobo: rainforests, funnily enough I'm drawn to well built zoo type things more than wild spaces
Mermaid: pacific ocean for me personally

17. What kinds of food do/does your kintype(s) like?
Bonobo: fruit and raw veg I eat SO MUCH of that. Sugarcane, hnnngggg sugarcane is my crack.
Mermaid: I as a human am totally addicted to all seafood and seaweed though it's more a coincidence that I love those things and am a mermaid.

18. Do you tell people outside of Tumblr about your kintypes? Yeah I fail at keeping secrets and am kinda open so I have quite a list of people that know.

19. What, if any, attributes of yourself remind you of your kintype(s)? My ideas regarding how relationships work/should work, I'm a horny bastard, impulsiveness, neoteny, I'm open/trusting with strangers and don't really grasp xenophobia, I'm non-confrontational and react to conlfict with stress rather than agression.

20. What kind of things make your kinfeels stronger? Seeing real bonobos at the zoo and hearing their vocalisations, watching documentaries or films about both kintypes.

21. What types of company do/does your kintype(s) enjoy? The more the merrier or something more intimate. And then of course others of "my own kind".

22. Do you like the blogs about recipes for certain kin? Yeah they're fun to read through

23. Do you like the blogs about clothing/fashion for kin? Yep *hangs head in shame*

24. Do any certain music types appeal to your kin(s)? If so, what kind(s)? Lady gaga's "artpop" album is just bonobos the musical. And Congolese rumba gives me some stonking kinfeels.
Ambient music is very mermaidy.

25. How many kintypes do you have? two and both couldn't be more different if they tried, I think mermaid is my most dominant although bonobo is more like my base-mode.

26. Do you want more/less kintypes? Less, I'd rather just be a bonobo because atleast they actually exist!

27. Do you decorate/have decorations in your room/house that relate to your kintype(s)? Yeah my living room is jungle themed and my kitchen is sea themed. I've been told my living room looks like a reptile tank because of all the fake jungle plants everywhere. xD I also have a huge collection of primate themed tat. My bedroom is just me in general. I have a very personalised house that I am really proud of.

28. Do any certain smells appeal to your kintype(s)? Seaweed

29. Is/are your kintype(s) attracted to any types of people, personality-wise? Kinda yeah, liberal types usually. Some people just seem bonoboey to me and I like that.

30. Does anything about yourself contrast the stereotypes of your kin(s)? I can be an antisocial bastard. I need my own space and still won't let my partner move in with me.

31. What feels like home to your kintype(s)? Bonobo: Lola Ya Bonobo. the only bonobo sanctuary of its kind, it's in Kinshasa, DRC. It makes me want to cry when I think about being there. It physically hurts to watch videos or see photos of Lola.
Mermaid: the reefy bits between south east asia and australia. Sealife documentaries hurt me to watch too.

32. Do/does your kintype(s) enjoy any TV shows, movies, etc. I LOVE the new planet of the apes films for obvious reasons but I wouldn't say "my kintypes like them" because that's like they're my roommates and we take turns to with the remote control or something. xD

33. Do/does your kintype(s) look drastically different from your human form? Nope! Mermaids are literally just humanoids with fish tails and bonobos are human's closest relatives and are built practically the same.

34. What does your favorite kintype of yours look like?
this is the closest to what I imagine: I hope to meet her one day soon, the zoo she lives in is only an hour on a plane or about 7 hours on trains.

35. What is/are your kintype(s)? Bonobo, mermaid.

36. Do you have any fictionkin type(s)? If so, what are they? Nope! Infact I am a little put off by the idea, it's kinda like stealing the author's work and being all "DATS MINE". No one knows the character as well as the author does.

37. When did you discover your first kintype? When I was 4 or 5, I've been a mermaid basically forever

38. Do/does your kintype(s) prefer light or darkness more? Light

39. Do you have any collections that relate to your kintype(s)? (ex: a hoard of jewels for a dragonkin) I'm running out of cabinet space for primate thingies, got no room for any more plushies but I still buy them.

40. Have you picked up any hobbies or activities because of your kintype(s)? Swimming and visiting zoos

41. Do/does your kintype(s) enjoy intimacy or space? Intimacy and lots of it, I'm an extrovert, but I can also really want to be alone especially if I'm mermaidy or just plain human. I don't know what I want half the time.

42. Have you met anyone else with the same kintype(s) as you? Yep!

43. Do you enjoy talking to people with the same kintype(s) as you? Yep, apes anyway. I haven't spoken to enough mermaids nor do I really have the drive, not really into the mythical otherkin community.

44. Do you dress differently based on your kintype(s)?
Unless you count having millions of tshirts with chimps on them, nope!

45. How long have you had your oldest kintype? Answered this twice already

46. Does anything give you specific kinfeels? Congolese rumba music and finding nemo but not for the same type obviously. Oh and a select few sex positions/actions.

47. Is/are your kintype(s) stereotypically “good” or “bad”?
Mermaids are kinda a mixed bag depending on the media. Bonobos are just always portrayed as being butter-wouldn't-melt but that's a silly stereotype and they're as grey as we are.

48. Do you express your kintype(s) in some way? If so, how do you express them? (ex: art, dancing, etc.) I own a monofin and arm extender stilts if I feel like moving around like my kintypes. Also furry fandom, fiction writing and roleplay.

49. Are you having trouble accepting any kintype(s)? If so, what kintype(s) Not long ago I used to HATE being a mermaid because of how embarrassing it is, even though it causes the strongest shifts I used to hide it and only talk about bonobo-ness in therian spaces. I don't mind now that I have a monofin to swim with oddly enough. I'm not a frustrated.

50. What was the first kintype you’ve heard of? Wolves and dragons lol
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