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    Animal Crossing!

    This was the exact reason why I wasn't sure if I wanted to get the game; being the only human in a world full of animals felt almost cruel haha. But luckily

    wildlife August 4th, 2020, 09:25 AM Go to last post

    Animal Crossing!

    It really was perfect timing! Who would have thought huh? And I agree, New Leaf's customization definitely did feel a bit limited at times. No choice

    Effervescent.Daydream August 3rd, 2020, 10:10 PM Go to last post

    Animal Crossing!

    I played New Horizons avidly when it first came out. I used to play New Leaf, but I was frustrated by how limited a lot of the customization felt. I feel

    bloodmuffins August 3rd, 2020, 03:43 PM Go to last post

    Animal Crossing!

    I have been playing New Horizons a few weeks after it launched. I used to play it often a while after I got it but I am a little bored of it now. I am

    wildlife August 3rd, 2020, 09:16 AM Go to last post
    Coyote Jones

    The Daily Thought - The 24th!

    I just sang along to "Fat Bottomed Girls" with a group of strangers, mostly Native men (Six Nations), and it was hilarious.


    Coyote Jones August 2nd, 2020, 11:28 PM Go to last post