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  1. I'll elaborate on it!

    I'll elaborate on it!
  2. Announcing the WearList Fashion Lineup for 2021

    We at the Werelist are always trying to keep our pulse on the therian community writ large. In our efforts to serve our community, we have found a need that must be filled. To that I present to you...
  3. Should work now.

    Should work now.
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    Opening the Articles Section

    For several years, the Werelist has had a content management (CMS) system. On many forums, these are used for submitting articles. Previously the Werelist’s was not, but we are opening to article...
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    He has PMs disabled, at least for people who he...

    He has PMs disabled, at least for people who he doesn't give access to, so that's not really a possibility.

    I can't know if he would or not, but the site is still up and it's possible to reach the...
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    Expected Downtime (Modem Replacement)

    Alynna is getting their modem replaced so the site will be down for a period tomorrow.
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