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Thread: Posting Pokemon pets and other game stuff

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    Default Posting Pokemon pets and other game stuff

    This would be the place for them. It's okay to post your fun stuff in this forum. It's not okay to have anything in your signature line that moves, flashes, blinks, animates or takes more than a second or to two load. So unload your Poke-pets from your sig lines please and play with them here instead.

    Other game stuff is welcome also, but please don't post gaming screen shots that are so big they break people's browsers; keep them at a reasonable size and resolution (eg, pretty darn small if you're actually embedding them in the forum view and not providing a link to click). It's fine to post thumbnails here and bigger images elsewhere. The usual stipulations for keeping all images and graphics work-safe and suitable for minors also apply here.

    Enjoy the fun space, and please make sure the silliness stays in this forum and doesn't make it over to the serious discussion areas. Thanks and have fun!
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