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Thread: Therians have a certain smell?

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    Non therians and therians love to sniff me, I think it's because I use olive oil hair products though! But yeah, even through deodorants an perfumes everyone has a very distinctive scent which I enjoy logging. It's another aspect of that person to understand and remember- as important as recognising their facial features!

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    lol as someone interested in science, I find it interesting to test that theory. Over all, everyone, not just therions have distinct smells, because we as humans are part of that animal kingdom as well. Chemistry is put off in scents and smells just like other animals. When you are mating with someone you pick up on their feel and scent just like every other animal. Certain humans, such as therions and other types of humans, are more susceptable to picking those kinds of things up because as humans I imagine they tend to be more into their sensory projections. Taste, touch, and scent are things they notice more than the average humans whose minds are clouded by other worries society has placed on them. In the long run, a someone who is not at the time worried with trivial things like bills or personal problems, tend to find it easier to take pleasure in the smaller things and pick up different things than most others who are at the time more worried and not as receptive. Good subject.
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    I am happy to say, I smell like a Nibby. =^_^= ...and pomegranates sometimes. Just because I love my body spray. lol
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    Everybody has a certain smell! If therians all had a smell in comman I'm not sure what that would say for our hygiene habbits!
    My sense of smell is one of my few senses that has nothing wrong with it -so I do tend to one of the first to notice if anybodies farted or been smoking but my sense of smell isn't acute enough to notice people's spiritualities... -yet
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    Quote Originally Posted by grey wolf View Post
    I was reading about therianthropy and i found in it, that therians have a certain smell to them. Is this true? If so what does it smell like?
    Hmm as far as I know. Nope. I know I don't have any kind of Therian smell. I know from sweating a lot that I have just a smell and that's it. I don't think that being a therian means we have a different smell then what a person smells like. We still have human bodies and there for we smell like humans. Yes, I know this is an old thread and I don't care.
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