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    I'll start working on a small essay about species disphoria, I seem to have had issues with it for most of my life so far, but I'll try to include objective research as well. Hope to send it to you in a couple weeks.
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    I can do both the difference between otherkin and therians and the difference between totems and therians if you'd like.
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    Thank you Ashen. Umm... I guess I could use different views from people and combine them. Just send them to me when you are done. Once I've gotten them in, I"ll cross them off the list.
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    OK I want to help, I've been the logo creator of the Avatar fan film called Our Only Home
    , it is passing in UK ,I'm not sure where, but I have some experience with editing images and I can do some advertising or interviewing someone, so want help? (please PM me ) Thanks
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    I can continually nag people to get things done.

    It might be helpful.
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