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    I really like it. Very well done. I can't wait to buy one. (if and when I can afford it).
    I plan on buying one. I'm going to wear it around my friends, and wait to see if one of them says "Where'd you find a shirt with a magpie on it? Wait a minute...did you draw that? You definitely drew that." And I'll be like "NOPE I BOUGHT IT FROM THE SPECIAL MAGPIE SHOP, ONLY COOL PEOPLE CAN SHOP THERE." :>

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    Mmm. One of my friends really loved using the Thieving Magpie card in his Magic: the Gathering decks ... I might have to ... erf. Well, if I could snooker him into buying it I would, but that isn't going to happen because he doesn't play much anymore and is saving money at the moment. *laughs*

    Hmm. Christmas gift idea, though....
    So then the hydra says to the deli worker, "Please! I beg of you! I've got eight starving mouths to feed!"

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    We will be needing funding for December. We have a film date coming up and would like help taking care of those involved and also need an external hard drive.
    I know it is close to Christmas and the Holidays but time is counting down and we need your help to get his off the ground.
    Any little bit helps and you can donate through paypal at
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