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Thread: Do you smell people?

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    everyone that I spend a decent amound of time around definately has a unique scent. I know my sisters, my dad, my mom, both grandmothers and a few cousins by scent. I DEFINATELY know my gf's, and oddly enough i know both my parents beagle and my older sister's german shepherd XD and of course some of my closer friends.

    Thinking on it now, i guess it is kind of unusual to know someone by scent, but ive been able to distinguish family's scent for years. (granted i have to be within normally 3 feet... but still...) i didnt notice other people's scents until high school, when i was almost overwhelmed by the multitudes of scents coming from different directions. I think that i was in a partial sensory shift at that time though, because my sense of smell has not been that sensetive SINCE then.

    but yes, i can distinguish scents on people

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    I like to smell out scents for everything including people since its one of the first things that I notice about people (not saying I have some super nose or anything just pay attention for scent more).I will usually try to sniff people out if they are not looking or try to make it as discreet as possible,It helps for to smell out people first because it usually tells a lot more about some people than what they say. When I have a strong mental shift and I am near my mate I will sniff him constantly just for no real reason, Thankfully he doesnt mind since he does it sometimes too ^^

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    I don't smell people but whenever I eat something I always smell it first ~ my family always comment on it. I'm on medicine which messes up my sense of smell so that certain things seem to smell stronger to me. Unfortunately its usually unpleasent smells.

    Everybody has a unique scent, of course. I don't think you need to be a therian to pick up on that.
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    I don't think smelling others is particularly therianthropic, but yes, I'm using my sense of smell quite a lot. Breathing in through your nose brings in scent already, so it's more or less automatic.

    I get nauseous by most artificial scents. they are too overpowering, smell awful and seem to linger for minimally 15 minutes, blocking other subtle smells in that time. In fact, one way to get me really annoyed is to hold a bottle of whatever smelly junk under my nose.

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    Sure do. There are so many varied and indescribable scents in the world. How does one describe a scent? I can't. @_@ But I like to know what people smell like, and I smell my friends, and if my friends are introducing someone I might smell them and everyone finds it quite humourous. :P

    And oh man, artificial scents, don't even get me started. If someone is smoking on the other side of the street and I pass by I start choking like a maniac. My roommate sprayed some perfume shit on herself that smelled like flowers mixed with chemicals and ass, and I had to open all the windows and I was like dying from it lolz.

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    I know other people (non-therians) who also like to be able to identify others by smell. So, it's not just us who do it, even though many find it strange to smell people.

    Sometimes I notice this really strange smell that seems to be EVERYWHERE. It's dry and almost makes my nose itch, not pleasant at all. Usually I can't smell it at all, but some mornings I wake up with the smell in my nose, and it doesn't go away even if I go into a different room, sneeze or rinse my nose with water. The smell is fainter if I go outdoors. And then, after an hour or two, I stop noticing the smell, and later I can't smell it at all. Really strange.

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    I smell my mate ALL THE TIME. He smells soooooooo good. X3
    Rest In Peace, Cookie. I love you baby girl, now and always.

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    I have never really thought about it but since reading this thread, I might as well add my two cents.

    Most of my family is dead, when I think about it, I can remember their scents. I find that a bit odd. I can also remember the scent of my first girlfriend.

    I tend to stick my nose in things that I know I shouldn't and I often regret it.

    Whenever I go visit my brother who lives in the town I grew up in, I can smell the area. Since I despise that place and it is mostly pine forests and swamps, the place smells like stagnant water.

    I do not like air conditioning in a car because they always smell like mold.

    I have read that dogs easily see red and are attracted to it. I have always liked the color red. Seeing a woman in a red dress or with red hair is something I have never been able to resist. Now here is the weird part. There have been many times that I have seen a red head in a public place and have had to walk close enough to catch her scent. It's something I have always had to do.

    Another thing that I do that bugs my wife is that I hear things that she can't. If there are two TV sets in the house and both are on the same channel, I hear an echo and it drives me crazy.
    I can hear if it is raining outside when she can hear nothing and I sometimes have to leave a store because I can hear the high pitched scream of their alarm system.

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    As Agita said, its basically parts of someone's info. When i think of people, i think 1: what they sound like, 2: what they look like, 3: what they smell like. I unconsciously note people's smell when i meet them (and intend on being acquainted with them). And i havent found anyone with a smell i particularly like. people don't smell that good >>.
    I also smell my food before trying it if i never ate it before..

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    crap. a double post
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