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Thread: Do you smell people?

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    Like the rest of you, I smell people, pets, places... And they create strong memories within me. I can notice by the smell some things the person ate, if they are ill too (if I know the "healthy" scent). I like strong body odors as long as they are "clean" body odors (such as sweaty after exercise, as opposed to someone who did not wash for days). I also enjoy smelling my partners' smell on me, or on my clothes, or my cat's smell on my pillow, for they create a feeling of belonging to the same social group.

    Oddly, there are specific odours that I am unable to smell unless they are very strong - while the same odour at a low strengh is noted by most people. Unlike most people, animal smells do not "stink" to me, they just hold a specific message of an animal having been there. I can also make the difference between my cat's scent and other cats' scent. And I can smell that my cat is getting old because of the changes in his scent. Similarly, I could smell my cousins hitting puberty because their body odour changed.
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    What about smelling other therian.? I have never meet another therian in real life but would we smell different then a human.?
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    Yes, I do this. I know my grandparents, my parents, and friends of the family by smell. I may not be able to put a name or a description to the scent, but if I smell it, I’ll say “that’s it.” Before the whole wolf/animal scent thing, I didn’t really pay attention to body wash, hair wash, perfume smells, but now that I smell stuff more and appreciate scents more, I enjoy picking good smelling stuff out and seeing if I can recognize the stuff other people use by name and scent.

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    I can differentiate smells between my pets if I'm right next to them (one smells like fish and the other is cornchips lol). But that's the extent of it, I can't pick up any specific information besides "this dog smells like a dog" or "this puppy smells like a puppy". I've lived with dogs my whole life too, it's just not something I can notice.

    When it comes to people, I can't tell the difference at all besides the obvious things like the "grandma house" smell and strong perfumes someone might use. When it comes to food though, I can sometimes tell what's in it just by smelling it. I also sniff to inspect objects when I'm on my own. To be honest most objects don't smell like anything at all and it's not really helpful, it's more of a habit from my mental shifts. The only times it's useful is when something that smells like nothing suddenly does, which stops me from blindly eating or using things that aren't quite right

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    Yeah, pretty much what others have said.

    This is embarrassing enough that it needs to be something someone else said: well, it IS something someone else said. A public figure, ozen/ozwolf/ozwolfen. "I love the smell of the crotch of my jeans." I was so weirded out by that LOVED, and LIKED person that I even repeated their phrase, wondering. Now everyone thinks I'm a weirdo.

    Women do need nicer lingerie, honestly, and so do trans women. Who are also women. Fuck JK Rowling and her bigotry.

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    About as much as most normal people do. I like the smell of friends' and favourite family members' houses. I've been given gifts from people that have ended up being comfort items because it smells like them. My grandparents gave me a french dictionary for highschool when I was younger and it smelled strongly of their house. I used to sniff it sometimes because it made me happy.
    Someone I'm close to gave me some clothes a few years back that smelled like their house, and I'm romantically attracted to them so a hoodie I was given ended up being a teddy bear of sorts until the smell faded.

    As strange as it sounds, the smell of weed is nostalgic because my highschool best friends' dog used to smell like weed even though none of the household smoked it. Sometimes I'd catch a whiff of my friend's dog in the street and not know the source, took me forever to find out that the source was weed. It was always mysterious to me before.
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