I agree with Frameacloud.

I personally do not support a myths anthology to introduce therianthropy, because it generally misunderstands completely the role of myths and animalistic figures in the original culture they come from. It is historically inaccurate to claim that "therianthropes have always been around" because it equates local cultural variations of animal-folks as having the same meaning and role than modern therianthropes in the Western world.

I would discourage the linking of therianthropy to myths around the world, and instead would advise to simply stick to the modern subculture of therianthropy (90's an on). If people were writing personal essays about how they relate to X or Y myths, that's one thing; but simply putting together a myths anthology as "these are ancient therianthropes", is just very problematic. At most you may mention holliwoodian werewoves, because therianthropes originate from alt.horror.werewolves, but that's it. Everything else is a re-writing of history and borderlines cultural appropriation. I know it sort of makes therianthropy sound more legitimate to the average person to create all sort of historical links to it beyond our internet subculture, but please don't go that road. :C

A focus on shapeshifting creatures also reinforce the shifter-centrism of the community, and I don't support that either. Shapeshifting isn't a concept that is central or relevant to all therianthropes.