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Thread: New "Alpha and Omega" film.

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    Just watched this last night. After watching the first ten minutes the day before and describing it to my boyfriend, we laughed hysterically and decided to see the whole thing.

    I admit I liked it more than I was expecting to. The backgrounds were nice to look at, but most of the rest of the animation was pretty cheap looking. The wolves' bottom jaws looked like boneless flat flaps most of the time, which was somewhat disturbing. The three toed paws looked really pointy and creepy to me, too.

    However, I was glad that they gave the wolves fairly realistic (if very tiny) teeth. The stylization of their bodies was really extreme. Sometimes it looked okay, sometimes they looked thinner than greyhounds.

    The howling/dancing was really cheesy, but I was actually impressed with how they sang without using words. I was expecting something more like Happy Feet but horrible. Instead I got some awful dancing with pretty okay singing.

    The structure of the packs was really weird. I was expecting the movie to be more based on the alpha=boss, omega=lowly wimp sort of thing. It was also really weird that the whole pack seemed to be split into these two classes: alphas who do all the work and protect everyone and omegas who goof around and just try to be jesters. It made me think, if half these guys are alphas, then what do you call the dad character, who is the real leader?

    Anyway, there were a lot of strange things about the movie, strange stupid things, but there were enough pleasant things to make it worth seeing at least once for the lulz. The librarian-motorcylist couple were very cute, and I even thought the goose guy was amusing, even if he seemed pulled right out of Balto.

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    I really hated the movie and I admit to not reading the whole thread, just a page or two here and there and someone posted that no one was going to be taking biology notes from the movie...but in an obscure sense I disagree.

    *A lot* of what I still know today I learned from Bill Nye the Science Guy and Magic School Bus. <3 Kids remember those kinds of things and to have a movie explicitly outlined the "rules of a pack" will just confuse kids and they'll likely believe it for a long time.

    I watched it with a really dumb friend of mine awhile ago and when I corrected her use of pack she denied it to her last breath even when I showed her proof otherwise. So movies like this frustrate me to no end. >.>

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    I just finished watching it on Netflix.

    It was cute, I'll give it that. But I wasn't a fan of the animation or the art style, and the howling scenes were beyond cheesy. I did enjoy the "mother" character, though. The goose character pissed me off a bit. They totally stole that from Balto.
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