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One thing I'm surprised about though is just how many of you seem to have guns, especially pistols, assault rifles, and other weapons that would be outright illegal in every Western country I can think of. Is this just a bias given that therians are presumably more likely to engage in outdoor hobbies, or is that genuinely a common thing among Americans? Also, how much do gun culture and laws (e.g. concealed carry, types of firearms allowed) vary state-by-state?
There is considerable variance in state to state laws, yes. Gun ownership is certainly common in America; I would venture to say that if you're rural and have livestock, it's basically unethical in addition to being impractical not to have at least a basic farm rifle. If a livestock animal goes down badly and is in pain and the vet is hours away, you need to be able to make a humane end of it quickly. Or if there's predators mauling them, you need to be able to take care of the predators. And invasive species as well, feral hogs can do a really insane amount of damage to the ecosystem as well as to crops.

Self defense is also considered a very important right in the US. I'm honestly not sure how anyone would expect a smaller, older, weaker or disabled person to defend their life. If it's your grandma versus a large strong young criminal, the only thing that enables her to get out of that alive is if she's properly armed. It's not like she can successfully fist fight her way to safety. It would be nice if the cops could get there in time to save anyone, but they really can't be everywhere at once and you can't carry a cop around in your back pocket. You can carry a gun though.