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Thread: Vampire/Werewolf War is a funny joke

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    Excuse me, everybody, but I have just received word from a ten thousand year old UberAlpha werewolf, speaking through a backwards recording of an ancient slate record, that we're supposed to have a bunch of were-dogs attack the post office tomorrow.
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    Breaking News: Vampire-Were War To Finally Be Resolved Using Rock-Paper-Scissors. Winner unknown because the vampire tried to drain blood from a real rock and broke his fangs, while the Werecat was last seen chasing a piece of paper being pulled by a string.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lunar Wolf View Post
    I killed were beasts with my unholy gas from satans beans for I am vampire.
    The idea is just to much to avoid making fun of
    Oh my god I think that may be one of the funniest things I have ever read.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage View Post
    Someone should totally animate this concept. Hey, it could be the next big Hollywood thing. It would certainly be better than Twilight.
    Now, saying that everything will be better than twilight is a bit too much tho, be honest, I'm glad they did twilight the way they did it.


    Beiber playing in twilight would be even worse!
    *hands out the brain-bleach*

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    You mean Selena Gomez? She has the right amount of emotion. *rimshot*

    Also, I think that would be a very interesting and funny clip, come to think of neene-*is shot for even loading the thread in the first place this time*
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    I don't know if im even included in this because im a werecat and if I am I have no problems with vampires it might be a little dark but I like the taste of blood so yeah idk im no ones pet I know that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychonomaly View Post
    No, it's not true in some sense. Your friend probably doesn't think it's true either. If he does, I would recommend professional help.

    If there were a war, however, werewolves would win hands down because we have nails and teeth and vampires just "absorb energy". And I would be sitting on the sidelines laughing at the incredible stupidity of both groups.
    Yeah... I agree too. Why would vampires and werewolves be at war? Because of the meat? No. I can't think of ONE valid reason that Vampires and Werewolves would be at war.
    Also, me and another friend (somewhere in china, speaks English) who says that he's a Therian, were asking ourselves: Are Vampires Real?
    Please answer me..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwiftFang View Post
    Also, me and another friend (somewhere in china, speaks English) who says that he's a Therian, were asking ourselves: Are Vampires Real? Please answer me..
    You might find The Werelist Vampire FAQ useful as it provides various resources and information about real vampires.

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    This entire concept is even weirder when you do a lot of research and realize that vampires and werewolves actually evolved from the same creature, or were the same creature, in a few different cultures.

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    I read in my pocket art book that werewolves transform into vampires if you bury them died shot with a silver bullet...

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    OMG I hatez teh vampires, even had one try to suk my Holy Werewolf Blood!!!

    Psychological therian.

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