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Thread: Animal Planet Otherkin series

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    from Wulf Howl:
    Quote Originally Posted by Shiro
    Wulf Howl has recently had a user join under the name PRIMAL_researcher, who has private messaged a few users requesting they be interviewed for a television series on Animal Planet regarding their experience as a member of the therianthrope and otherkin communities. Our administration team was able to verify that this user was a representative of GRBTV, and was operating under the domain names of ( and (

    In case you weren't already aware, GRBTV is responsible for producing television shows of high shock value. This includes shows such as "Intervention", "Animal Hoarders", "American Occult" and more. We believe that many individuals whom have been casted for shows produced by GRBTV have been exploited - being told they were being cast in order to make their differences "accepted" or "understood", only to find out that they were made to look like freaks on national television - severely damaging reputation, and possibly careers of these individuals.

    Upon searching the IP address they registered with, which for your reference, is, we found out via searching StopForumSpam that they had registered on another forum using an email at the domain (, which seems to be an attempt to entice people into being cast for "Animal Hoarders", just in the same way they were doing to our community!

    Due to this, we believe that GRBTV is only interested in shock-value, and that allowing them to seek interviews on Wulf Howl can only harm members of the community. For this reason, we have issued a ban on the user, and requested that members of their studio do not access Wulf Howl, or use any material here for their productions.

    If you wish to be cast by them, it is up to each individual member, but we are not going to allow them to use Wulf Howl as a platform to exploit people.

    Please feel free to reference this thread on other therianthropy communities, or even copy & paste it.

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    I've got to get this out of my system ~ the media isn't wholly evil.

    Yes, these people probably would exploit any therians/otherkin/furries who apply, but that doesn't mean everybody in the media is out to get you. We can't make generalisations!

    Not saying anybody here is making generalisations, this is just a general... vibe I keep getting from discissions on places like Livejournal. Just, ugh. It had to be said.

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