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Thread: If you transformed into your therioside or something...

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    Well, one of my beasts probably wouldn't be too scary and in my area only the tiger would have a hard time hiding or interacting. The hawk, horse and wolf would probably get along just fine out in the open.
    But the creatures combined?
    I had a few dreams where they were as one, with hawk wings, wolf's head and shoulders, human body wrapped in tiger fur and claws, horse manes running down from the wolf's head in a line down to a horse tail...
    I think THAT would be a tad scary. I could see terrorizing my enemies and showing up at my ex's door and saying, I told you so." I'd be in hiding for the rest of my life as that beast.

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    Well first things first, my dogs would tear me to shreds lol! A coyote is a lot smaller than the dogs I've got, one is intensely same-sex aggressive and the other has super prey drive...but he's also had personal relationships with coy-things before, so he may not just try to eat me. Who knows?

    But otherwise I'd have some fun for sure. Lots of rabbits in my area and good garbage
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