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Thread: If you transformed into your therioside or something...

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    Default If you transformed into your therioside or something...

    Do you ever wonder how those around you would react?

    I enjoy thinking about scenarios as to what might happen

    Eg: If I transformed into some beastly thing with horns in the morning, and stood in front of my sisters bed until she woke up. Dang, I think she would scream so loud that my perfectly acute hearing would no longer be of any use no more. Then mum would wake up and I have NO idea how she would react.

    Or if I suddenly went to school as the beast, carrying the bag and attempting to wear the uniform and all. (with my name tag on it) I wonder how people who knew me would react. :V Lol

    It might be a bit different if someone had the therioside/fursona/identity whatsoever as a more acceptable creature. Imagine a hawk suddenly appearing in your house! One might think : "Oh those bloody zoo's. "

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    I think my mom would probably bow down...or lose her faith that angels are goody-goody.

    My sister would go "neat" or something similar and I'd probably try and shift to a horse to please her. xD

    My dad...I have no idea how he'd act.

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    I'd hide it from my family. But I'd definently have some fun in Japanese, just to see how my Sensei would react.

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    Hmm.. like, if I woke up one day suddenly in my 'true form'?

    No clue. I think there's been a thread like this before, actually.

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    I thought about this once but the strange thing was that my first thought was on how my dogs would react, being feline and all.
    When I started thinking about that I actually came to the conclusion to always wear my necklace, that way at least my family would have some hint who the rather large cat in the house was. Nowdays I never go anywhere without it.
    ~ The Thread Won't Cut ~
    "An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." - Martin Buber

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    Interesting question.

    If it were my co-workers, they would probably shoot me. We carry guns here, so yeah. Probably, almost certainly, they would shoot me.

    My family members... they would likely either run away, try to cause me physical harm, or attempt another exorcism (if they had actually seen the process of transformation).

    My friends... that would have varied effects, but I think fear would be the most prominent reaction.

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    Hmmm... let's see... a big black wolf standing in the middle of a small town in a state with no wolves... yeah, I'd either get shot, sent to a zoo, be avoided and feared, or cause some sort of nationwide panic(if the news got out), and my mother's jaw would fall of her face, from dropping so quickly. And as far as the rest of my family is concerned, I really don't know what they'd do... but it is an interesting thing to ponder, I guess it's something I've never really thought about.

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    Oh, thank goodness I am a cute little tabby cat! No one would shoot me. =3

    I actually had a conversation with my mom's boyfriend yesterday and found out that he sort of knows about my therianthropy. He said he's sure I don't have any actual cat DNA in me, but that's just how I see myself. So it's kind of cool; even without telling him about what exactly it is, he's figured it out.

    So imagine his surprise if I ended up able to shift. ^^ And he'd surely know it was me, too, because of that Christmas mug I made for him with the cat and rhino on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RagdollTherian View Post
    Oh, thank goodness I am a cute little tabby cat! No one would shoot me. =3
    Maybe not, but people can be downright NASTY to stray cats (BB guns are something I have personally witnessed the repercussions of)... so you'd have to watch out.

    Me... Heck. Maybe I could pull off the "sweet puppy dog" routine. I don't think it would take my boyfriend too long to recognize me. He's seen my Kiso art and we do enough body language that I could probably get the point across.

    And then I imagine I'd just run and play and do everything I've always wanted to. I fantasize about this too much... XD

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    Oh that would be entertaining...I think my husband might be a little freaked out at first but I can totally see him petting my face then trying to ride me. XP
    I can't say I blame him though. How cool would it be to ride a big cat. ^^;

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