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Thread: Weight loss/Becoming healthy support thread!

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    Loosing used to be difficult for me, but lo and behold, another 2 weeks of loosing 1kg per week.

    The magic of calories counting. Also I have stopped focusing on "eating more healthy things" and now I focus on "eating less junk food". Because turns out, if I focus on eating MORE healthy food, I tend to focus on eating MOAR and I pack up weight anyway.

    If I keep going the way I do, I'll reach my goal by the end of the year. Next step will be to stay there. I'll need to monitor myself during my whole life, I guess, but well, better that than destroying my health by letting binge eating win.
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    Started a 'mass gainer', will see how this goes- might as well change my body to something I'd want to see and will feel comfortable in. One less thing to worry and stress over..
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    I find that i eat a lot less crap when i am in the wilderness exploring/hunting or if i have engaging work to do. With work to focus on, i am far less likely to be snacking on trash or snacking at all. Intermittent fasting works well, but it is a hard balance with wanting to lose fat as well as wanting to gain muscle and strength. Eating too few calories makes me fear that i will become weaker. Not a good feeling.

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