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Thread: Weight loss/Becoming healthy support thread!

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    Loosing used to be difficult for me, but lo and behold, another 2 weeks of loosing 1kg per week.

    The magic of calories counting. Also I have stopped focusing on "eating more healthy things" and now I focus on "eating less junk food". Because turns out, if I focus on eating MORE healthy food, I tend to focus on eating MOAR and I pack up weight anyway.

    If I keep going the way I do, I'll reach my goal by the end of the year. Next step will be to stay there. I'll need to monitor myself during my whole life, I guess, but well, better that than destroying my health by letting binge eating win.
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    Started a 'mass gainer', will see how this goes- might as well change my body to something I'd want to see and will feel comfortable in. One less thing to worry and stress over..
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    I find that i eat a lot less crap when i am in the wilderness exploring/hunting or if i have engaging work to do. With work to focus on, i am far less likely to be snacking on trash or snacking at all. Intermittent fasting works well, but it is a hard balance with wanting to lose fat as well as wanting to gain muscle and strength. Eating too few calories makes me fear that i will become weaker. Not a good feeling.

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    Yeah, I tend to eat lighter, and having an easier time managing my ridiculous appetite, when I'm active as well. It's especially true if I'm outside hiking around. Can confirm intermittent fasting is helpful. Some people prefer small, frequent meals. I've found that both for appetite and blood sugar regulation, it's much more comfortable for me to eat two meals a day and really nothing else.

    As for fat loss / weakness - you'll always lose a little muscle when losing weight. That's part of why folks really working on muscle sometimes do bulk/cut cycles. Build up muscle (which will come with some fat), strip the fat down, repeat. The biggest things to help with that are to lose slowly rather than dramatically cutting calories, and to do strength training while losing weight.

    At a small deficit, I've actually had luck maintaining weight while visibly gaining muscle and measurably gaining strength.


    How did everyone's 2019 health goals go? Plans for 2020?

    I actually successfully got the six-pack abs! Still can hardly believe it. Took photos, teased my buddy about winning our race, and... that's about it, haha. I don't plan on trying to maintain it - it requires a really lean body fat percentage, and while I keep myself in the athlete range anyway, I don't need to be THAT skinny. Since I developed it through my regular workout routine, I guess we'll see what happens, though.

    I felt like garbage for a while around the end of last summer because I'd fallen out of my habits and then had a vacation where we ate so much good food. I got back on track after that though.

    I've made substantial progress on core strength and balance, and my handstands are a lot more stable. Still am not to the point where I can get into one without a quick push on a wall, though. It's starting to seem achievable, so I guess I'll keep up the work there.

    Endurance-wise... last year I hit my 5k record, at about 25:08. I really wanted to break 25! I haven't run in ages, and use my stationary bike primarily now for cardio. Not sure yet whether I'll start running again during the field season, or whether work will provide enough exercise.

    I'm actually trying to gain back a bit of weight at the moment. Might need it for winter field work.

    I'm pretty happy with where I'm at, so a lot of my 2020 goals are related to just maintaining and maybe building some more strength and abilities. I'd love to keep up with the strength training as well as possible. Field work always makes it hard, and not just for time reasons. Last year the trailer I lived in didn't have any doors that could hold my pull-up bar!

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