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Thread: Share Your Favorite Recipes

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    I have a classic light and healthy one for you which satisfies meat lovers and vegetarians (as long as you remove the bacon!) alike ^^

    Family Pasta Bake (serves 4)
    200g pasta (75g per person)
    200g bacon rashers
    1.5ml semi-skimmed milk
    1 tin of CONDENSED chicken soup
    50g peas
    100g grated cheese (any type)
    Dashes of salt and pepper.

    1) Cover the pasta with cold water and boil it on a hob for about 12 minutes on medium heat or 5 minutes after boiling.
    2) Cover peas with 2 large spoons of cold water then microwave for 2 mins 30 secs
    3) Cut bacon into 'diced' pieces with cooking scissors and remove the rind fat. Add this to a second hob pan WITHOUT A LID on low heat. The pan and bacon should turn brown after about 5-10 minutes. Stir occasionally when it sizzles.
    4) Sieve water out of the peas and tip into a serving dish/bowl
    5) Mix the soup and milk and stir. It's alright if it's a little lumpy mind.
    6) Drain the finished pasta and add to serving dish followed by the bacon. Quickly soak the bacon pan!
    7) Stir serving dish contents and add the soup/milk mixture. Stir again adding salt and pepper and grated cheese.
    8) (FAN OVEN BASIS) Set oven for 160 degrees centigrade or Gas Mark 6. Place on the centre row for 15 minutes until the cheese melts and it is slightly browned.

    Phew... ^^
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    9) Add Kikkoman.

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    Me and my brother have a good one SOB stew we just throw what ever we have in a pan and leave to boil.
    Most of what goes in it.

    Meat any type you have laying around (Pork, Bacon, mince, lamb you name it it works)
    Veggies any type
    and what ever elsa you wish.Just leave it to cook till you can hardly tell whats in it.

    Shepherd pie with a twist try grating cheese on to the top of it it taste's wonderful.

    Past with grated cheese and ham sprinkled threw it then bunging in microwave to melt the cheese and warm the ham.

    I have tons of stuff we cook but there the taste's.
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    I don't like recipes where you need lots of ingredients just to put on something- or use pre-prepared items. I like to feel like I've used lots of 'raw materials' to actually construct something. It makes me feel like I've achieve something or gotten somewhere. DEATH TO READY-ROLL PASTRY AND ICING! DAMN THAT BIRD'S EYE FISH-IN-A-BAG! So tasty but so lazy and sinful....

    As you can see, cooking/baking is a deeply emotional/psychological/spiritual thing for me...


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    Great Garlic Bread balls

    Rhodes Frozen Bread Loaf (one loaf, comes in package of three) Let thaw and rise, cut into 18 pieces rolled up in little balls, dip in mixture place in 9 by 9 baking dish

    1 egg
    2 tablespoons butter
    1 tsp parsley
    2 tsp garlic

    drissle rest of mixture over top of garlic balls add cheese and more garlic to top if desired. Let double in size then bake on 375 for 30, will burn quick so after about 20 min check often. Should be golden brown when done.
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    I have way to many. Candies, cakes, soups, meat...I'll add them I think about them

    My mates favorite food: Potato and leek soup.

    Prep Time: 15 Mins
    Cook Time 30 mins

    2 or 3 large leeks
    1lb to 1 1/2 lbs potatoes
    6 cups chicken broth
    sour cream
    heavy whipping cream

    Peel and cut up the potatoes and split and soak the leeks in water so that the sand can be cleaned from them

    Bring the chicken stock to boil in a large pot. When it is boiling add potatoes and cook about 12 mins or until soft. Add leeks to the pot and cook another 5 mins.

    Either use an emulsion blender or a big blender and mix up the soup so there are no lumps and its smooth. Add heavy whipping cream. Spoon into bowls and add a little sour cream. Enjoy!
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    I love to cook. If you ever need a good cookie recipe let me know. I have to find my book so I can post more recipes. *shuffles*
    The storm of war will arrive and thunder and blood will rain down from on high! Revolution is at hand. Unite!! Take up arms. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and sisters! And break free from the cold shackles of oppression. There will be no surrender! Only glory and honor! Stand and be counted among those that dare to fight for their freedom!

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    I've made it through Algeria in the International Wok section of my website. If you're a cook, you night want to try out the Cream of Wheat Pudding. It's really good and, if you aren't familiar with cardamom, this is a good first recipe to use it.

    I'm finding that, of each nationality, there's always one recipe that really hits me just right. My favorites to date are the Afghan bread pudding, Alabama blackberry cobbler, Albanian Notklava, Alaskan firecracker salmon, and the Algerian cream of wheat pudding. American Samoa ought to be interesting.

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    Oooo... I thoroughly enjoy cooking, however most of my personal recipes seem to be baked goods. I'm working on collecting specialty recipes from family and friends so this ought to be a fun project! I'll have to do some digging to pull up my favorites so I'll post again later.

    In the mean time, here is a super easy soup recipe that is ace for anyone on a budget but can't stand ramen noodles -

    1 zucchini
    1 can of diced tomatoes
    1 bell pepper (color is your preference)
    1 good sized white onion
    1 package of italian sausage, precooked (can easily be ommitted for vegetarians)
    1/2 a can of chicken stock if you want more broth

    add to taste any or all of the following -
    salt, pepper, oregano, basil, bay leaf, paprika, garlic.

    Throw the whole thing together and just let it cook until all the juices from the tomatoes let out. What you end up with is a very thick, meaty, soup/stew that lasts a couple of days and was relatively cheap to make Of course you can also try adding other things to it, it would probably be good with other meats, maybe some clams, pasta perhaps, etc. Be adventurous, it's hard to screw this one up.

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    Oblivians' minipizza!

    You need: pizza-dough. Just regular flour, water.. uh.. I think there're eggs and salt in it too, easy to look up.
    Minced meat, preferrably beef.
    I don't know if you have the brand "Santa Maria" for taco-mix (google didn't tell me anything).. but, one bag of your preferred taco-mix will do fine xD.. and then, Sweet Chilli Sauce.
    Uhm.. tomato-sauce for the pizza, if you like. Does just as well with taco-sauce (mild or medium strength) mixed with some tomato purée (just a little of the purée because it tastes a lot, unless you like that).

    This is a recipe by the most basic meaning of combining what you have.

    Make the dough, or put the pre-made dough/pizzabottom on a baking tin (with that kind of oven-proof paper inbetween, so it doesn't get stuck). Fry the minced meat, add the taco-spice and about.. a spoon-ful or two of sweet chili sauce. While in the fryingpan, yes.
    I'm taking for granted you already have the tomato-sauce on the dough, which you should have flattened out to your preferred size
    Add the minced meat on top of the dough. I wish I knew all the words in english.

    Mine bakes for about 20 minutes, 200 degrees celsius in a regular oven. Voila! Awesomeness!

    This is my favourite "I'm home alone and celebrating with something easy, not too unhealthy and GOOD"-pizza ^^ if you like jalapeños, slice some up and add it to the minced meat :3 I make mini-pizzas, pour up a big glass o' Coke and then sit back, munching in front of a horror-movie.

    Enjoy ~

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